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[Blog Tour & Review & Giveaway] Soulless by T. Baggins

Soulless by T. Baggins
Genre – M/M Romance, Historical, Paranormal
Publication Date – 28th July 2013
Event Organizer – Sinfully Sexy on Tour
A Man of Science

Nicholas Robinson is a chemist decades ahead of his time. Crippled by a riding accident and embittered by his injuries, he shuns the world, focusing on his laboratory and experiments. But when the sale of his country estate, Grantley, leads to an encounter with a vampire, Nicholas realizes there is more in heaven and earth than he ever dreamed possible.
A Creature of Darkness

Although three hundred years old, Bancroft Ulwin is young by supernatural standards. Enslaved by his cruel, deformed maker, Ban is forbidden from relations with mortal men unless it ends in death. But his liaison with Nicholas, expressly against his master’s wishes, soon expands beyond mere lust to something more.

A Love Predestined     
Long ago while still mortal, Ban met Serafino, the only true love of his life. When death separated them, Ban accepted his role as an enemy of human kind. But as he comes to suspect Nicholas is Serafino reincarnated, Ban begins to question everything he once believed. Including his own damnation.

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My Review: 

4.5 Star Review – Soulless

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this book. This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, murder, grief and betrayal.

All M/M readers especially those who adores the vampire folklore.

This is a historical story.


Nicholas Robinson was crippled by a riding accident and very bitter from his injuries. He stays in his home and drinks the day away. The only time he is sober is when he is teaching one of the maid’s named Martha science. He has taken her under his wing and is teaching her science.

A man from another town has come to see Nicholas’s estate. He is hoping to but the estate. But when the man shows up after spending time with the man Bancroft Ulwin he realizes that the man is a vampire. After he threatens the vampire with fire Ban leaves the house.

The next night Nicholas catches Ban accosting the maid “Martha” and Nicholas offers the land and himself in trade for Martha’s life. Ban accepts Nicholas as the trade. The only issue is Ban’s master Sebastian, a cruel and deformed maker, has forbidden Ban from having relations with a mortal man unless it ends in death.

Ban is caught after only being with Nicholas a few times. For lying to his master he is beaten and tortured for hours. Once he returns to Nicholas he takes out his anger with Sebastian on Nicholas and almost kills him.

After awaiting many days for Nicholas to recover from his injuries he learns that Nicholas is his long ago lover Sefafino reincarnated. Can Nicholas and Ban take down Sebastian before anyone else dies? Can Ban and Nicholas be together or will the war that is coming upon them destroy them both forever.

The chemistry between these two is hot!  Ban is a handsome vampire who carries around a very passionate side.  Very Sexy.  Nicholas is a moody, brooding, crippled human man.  They actually come together very well.  Very good read.   





  Contact Info for T. Baggins


 About T. Baggins:

Orphaned at birth, T. Baggins was raised by wolves until age fourteen, when the pack moved on one night without a forwarding address. Returning to human society, Ms. Baggins taught herself to read and write by studying fan fiction. Cutting her teeth on Kirk/Spock (Star Trek: The Original Series, baby!) she soon began slashing rock stars and X-Men. Despite a lifetime spent in the southern U.S., T. Baggins considers herself a citizen of the cosmos and a freethinker, which is good, because no one has offered so much as a penny for her thoughts. In her spare time she enjoys blogging at Shades of Gay, emptying gin bottles and tweeting into the void as @therealtbaggins.

Connect with T. Baggins:

Read an Excerpt

Ban’s laugh sounded incredulous. “Do you imagine you know what pain is?”

“Yes. And far better than you, I’ll warrant.” Nicholas couldn’t bite back the truth. “Whatever agony the fire dealt you, it was brief and swiftly healed. Only a memory.”

“Yet the pain of memory can be as devastating as the genuine article.” Ban held up an arm for Nicholas’s inspection. “Do you see that circular mark just below my wrist?”

Nicholas nodded.

“Notice how it goes all the way round? It’s a scar I acquired after death.” Releasing Nicholas, Ban pushed up his left sleeve. Below the wrist was the same perfect, circular scar. “And look, here is its mate.”

“From whence do they come?” Nicholas asked, leaning heavily on his cane to stay upright. 

Ban didn’t answer. Instead, he watched Nicholas struggle to stand with only the cane as support. Just as Nicholas, no longer able to bear the pain, overbalanced, Ban caught and effortlessly righted him again.

“My master often punishes me by taking my hands. If kept cold, they will not decay, and my body will accept their restoration.” Ban put his face close again, close enough for Nicholas to feel the vampire’s breath. It smelled foreign yet sweet, like an exotic herb he couldn’t quite name.

“Sometimes he takes them with a wire,” Ban continued. “Sometimes he takes them with a cleaver. But always in precisely the same place. In his youth, slaves were known by their bracelets. These marks are my slave bracelets, you see.”

Nicholas tried not to envision it. As a boy, he’d dreaded translating the death of Cicero from Latin to English. The orator’s hands and head were chopped off, a form of execution Nicholas found particularly disturbing.

“Remember,” Ban said. “If you piss yourself, it will only inflame me.”

Nicholas bit the inside of his cheek until he tasted blood. “I have made my bargain, sir,” he said stiffly. “And I am quite content with our terms.”

“As am I, Nicholas. As am I.”

After that, silence prevailed until they entered Grantley, where Nicholas directed Ban toward the house’s main staircase.

“Surely you find such a task insurmountable,” Ban scoffed.

“I traverse those stairs twice a day, thank you.”

Ban released Nicholas. Stepping back, he sketched a bow so extravagant, his fingertips brushed the rug. “Breathless, I await the spectacle.”

Gripping the rail with his left hand and relying mostly on his cane, Nicholas managed to gain the first, second, and third steps in rapid succession before pain flared in his knee, intense enough to turn his stomach. If he insisted on such a pace, he’d vomit, or worse, faint. Convinced Ban’s stare was burning a spot between his shoulder blades, Nicholas paused for only a few seconds. Then with an involuntary groan he hauled himself up the fourth and fifth steps, lunging toward the sixth before a wave of dizziness overtook him.

“Enough of this. It’s too much for you,” Ban snapped.

Nicholas bristled at his touch. “I tell you, I can do it!”

“Not before the sun comes up.” Ban lifted Nicholas in his arms as easily as a kitten.

 “God damn you, I am a man!” Nicholas blinked back tears of loathing. Perhaps it wasn’t literally true, not anymore, but he didn’t care. He wanted Ban to erupt, toss him down, tear his throat out. Instead, the vampire seemed not to hear, taking the stairs effortlessly, two at a time.

 “Here we are,” Ban announced as they gained the landing, giving Nicholas an insufferable smile. “Now. As you’re bought and paid for, I find myself anxious. Where is your bed?”




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[Blog Tour & Review] Romantic Tales Episode 6


Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories by Tigris Eden, Ty Langston, Dovey Mayall Cralk
Season 2 including Episode 6

Genre: ANTHOLOGY – Paranormal Romance / Contemporary Romance

Date Published: 10/12/2013



Read a book before bedtime and fall in love with, Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Season 2 

This season finale includes the startling ending to Archer and Rebekah’s story in Red Hawk Mercenary Group: Ghost. In the last episode we learn that Bekah killed Archer’s wife. But how does she cope? Can she tell him the truth now while they are on assignment to catch a killer? Or does she wait? 

In Mail order groom all it takes is a trip, a blind date, along with a mysterious message from an online dating site to get things moving. All are a part of Jessica’s continuing quest for love.
Romantic Tales is also pleased to announce we have a new comer to the team. We hope you enjoy her three chapter teaser of, The Vixen Flower.

A request by a famous rock star photographer, and a three day fling take Viscaria and Mark on journey that brings out a side Viscaria never knew existed.


Find Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories:



My Review: 

4.4 Star Review – Romantic Tales Episode 6

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this book. This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, murder, grief and betrayal.

Red Hawk Mercenary Group – Ghost

Ghost just took out her man but was captured in the process.  When her sisters find out about her being captured she is never going to live it down.  She is Ghost in and out without ever being seen taking out her mark.  Archer is lusting after her but knows he must get information from her not bed her.
After her sister comes for her at the holding area the men placed her in they escape from the men.  The One man Archer is unforgettable.  She must not think about him after he sees her face with the deformity he will not really want her.
After going back home she is sent back to work with Archer.  As she spends time with him trying to solve murders they grow closer. After he tells her how his wife died she realizes that she is the person that killed Archer’s wife.  She was killed after they discovered that she was doing bad things to kids. 

Will they solve the murders? Will she tell him she is the reason his wife is dead?

Mail order groom

Jessica is dumped via social network from her long term boyfriend. One of her friends is getting married and she met her groom on a web site for dating called A Foreign Affair. Jessica joins the website and goes on a horrible date. She is discouraged after that and decides she will not go on the site and try again. 

After running into her ex and learning a few things about him she didn’t know before she goes on the web site and talks to a new person. Who is the guy she talks to? Will she give the guy a chance or does she not want to be with anyone? Is she better off alone?


Vixen Flower

After asking a famous rock star photographer to pose for a cover shot she is thrilled that he agrees. When he shows up at her house and wants to take photos of her she is intrigued but is asking why as she is not model material. When he asks to stay and hangout for a few days she is over the moon as he is hot and sexy. They have chemistry but will that work in her favor or his? Why does he really want to take her picture? Why did he come all the way out to her when he could have just sent a picture?



  Contact Info:



 About Tigris Eden:

There is really not much to say… I love to write, read, and listen to music. My attempt at a music career sadly ended at the Apollo one warm night in May! LOL (Side note: I was not booed just outdone by two munchkins rapping to Biggy Smalls but they were good!)

Military brat extraordinaire; have traveled to a lot of interesting places.

The very first time I put pen to paper in story fashion, was in 6th grade. It was called The Case of the Missing Pepperoni.

It was a cute mystery where all the ingredients and shop appliances came to life when the store owner closed up for the evening.


Connect with Tigris Eden:

About Ty Langston:

As a child, multi-published author Ty Langston loved to read about dragons and knights so

much that one day, her grandmother told her to “just write about them.”


So she did.


From that day forward, she never left home without her pen, a notebook, and some kind of

music playing in the background. Her love of reading expanded from fantasy into science fiction, and eventually into paranormal romance and erotica.

She enjoys different works from George Martin, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, and Jackie
Collins. But some of Ty’s favorite writers are from the world of TV and film: namely, Tudors
creator Michael Hirst, and the late John Hughes.
Ty has a certificate in Broadcast Journalism along with a degree in Business Administration.
She is single and enjoys spending time with friends and family.


Connect with Ty Langston:


About Mayali Cralk:

Dovey Mayali Cralk has been using writing as an outlet for her strange imagination since a youngster.  Unable to settle on any one genre, she is working on projects in several different veins.  Dovey, her husband, children, and pets call Texas home.


Connect with Mayali Cralk:





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[Release Day Event & Giveaway] Surrendering my Love by Lisa Eugene

Surrender My Love Release Day Event Banner


Surrender My Love
by Lisa Eugene
Genre: Erotic Suspense Romance
Release Date: October 27, 2013


Patients are dying at Washington Memorial Hospital and no one knows why. When Nurse Chloe Bennett finds herself in the middle of yet another Code Blue, she questions the unexplained deaths. Dr. Brad Markson is a world renowned cardiac surgeon who is confident, brilliant, and sinfully sexy. He does not tolerate losing patients. When his patient suddenly dies, he seeks answers.

The two work together to unravel the mysterious events surrounding the deaths, and soon find themselves fighting for their lives in a fast paced, erotic thriller. When Chloe is accused of the murders, she is surprised to find she has an ally in gorgeous Dr. Markson. Shy, sweet, Chloe is unable to resist his wickedly sexy smile. His passionate kisses ignite her body, and his mere touch induces shivering pleasure. But she doesn’t know if she’s ready to give away her heart after her traumatic past, and Brad is battling career demons of his own. Can the two learn to trust in each other? Will they live long enough to surrender to their love, or will they fall victim to their fears and lose everything?   

Buy Links:


  Contact Info for Lisa Eugene

 About Lisa

Lisa Eugene lives on Long Island, NY with her husband and three rambunctious kids. She’s been a nurse for over twenty years and is still practicing. Between juggling a full time job and being a soccer mom, she enjoys a good romance.

Connect with Lisa:

Read an Excerpt

“I want to touch you. Take off your clothes.”

Brad tsked and shook his head sternly. “That’s not my will right now.”

Her gaze lowered to where he opened his pants and pushed the edges aside. He delved in and drew out the throbbing length of his cock. She swallowed hard, her hips tilting instinctively, the muscles of her channel fluttering with greedy anticipation. His cock was beautiful. Visibly pulsing. Long and thick with a network of engorged veins climbing up the straining length. The mushroom head was overly fat and shiny, weeping streaks of pre-come. She couldn’t see his testicles hidden in the folds of his pants, but she imagined they were drawn just as tense as his shaft. A shock of black curls escaped the fabric, peeking around the wide girth. She stared, thinking she’d never get used to the raw power of his beautiful body or the clutching need he evoked in her.

 Brad’s gaze fixed on her face, hot and sultry and unreadable. His eyes were hooded, displaying a tiny crescent of color. Chloe felt locked in a haze of lust, a palpable thing that infiltrated her mind and clawed at her body for a physical connection to this man. She still couldn’t figure out what he wanted from her, why he’d tied her. It was patently obvious that she wanted him desperately at the moment, that she wasn’t going anywhere.

His gaze broke away from her face and made a leisurely stroll down her body, stopping to linger between her legs.  He used his palms on her knees to push back and roll up her hips, exposing her to his avid gaze. With a deep belly moan, he lowered his head and beat his tongue back and forth over her nub, deliriously lashing it to a tight bud. Chloe arched and called out, a vocal quiver that gave voice to the pleasure stabbing through her body.

Oh, God! God! That’s sooo good! Please!

Brad’s head shot up and he met her gaze. She had trouble focusing on his face, but could see a tiny grin split his lips and a dimple dig into his cheek.

“Just Brad will do, thanks. And save the amens for later.”

She bit her lip, trying to process his facetious comment, but just then, all thought spun away as he gripped his cock and dragged the bulging head slowly through her slick folds. He drew tight circles and scribbled his way along her sensitive flesh, torturing nerve endings to a screaming frenzy. Chloe jerked her hips, desperate for him to fill her. Whimpers and moans gurgled from her throat, but his hand kept urgently working his hot shaft against her, sliding and bumping, and making her mad with desperate lust.  

“What do you want, Chloe?” His rough voice broke through her haze. She saw tight strain on his face while dark desire soaked his eyes, and she was glad she wasn’t the only one gripped with this brutal need.


Brad groaned, a feral rumbling, and she felt him nudge her opening, stretching her flesh with a delicious slide that pulsed bliss through her channel. His bloated tip slid in, and he pumped a few shallow beats, then withdrew with a snarling moan.

 “Fuck! That’s good!” He breathed harshly.

Chloe’s hips writhed off the bed. She closed her eyes and struggled for a breath, suffering the acute loss of his abandonment.

 Oh, God. This. Man. Was. Killing. Her.

Her nipples were hard and tingling, her skin overly sensitive, and a deep burn fired her sex. She was dripping wet and shaking with her need for him.

“Like that, Chlo? Is that what you want?”

She nodded, unable to form words. More. She wanted much, much more.

“I see…” He held his shaft in his hand, slowly stroking from tip to base. Holding it out so she could peruse its magnificence. His cock was enormously distended, the wide head coated with their fluids. The carnal sight had her tugging hard on her bond. She craved him so desperately it physically hurt. “Hmmm…so you want my cock, is that it? You want me fucking you deep, am I right?” His gaze met hers and she was mesmerized with his intensity; his blue eyes were bottomless wells and she wanted to dive into the limpid dark pools. “You need me. Say it.”

Chloe blinked. What?

“Say it.”

“Fu—fuck me, Brad.”

“No! Say you need me. Say it, dammit!”

“I—I ne—need you.”

She stared, her body thrumming wildly, her brain scrambling her thoughts in a shuffle. What is this about? She tested the restraint.

“You won’t run…”

 “I won’t run.”

“You need me.”

Didn’t I say that already? Can’t we just get on with it?

“I need you.” She swallowed, tasting the truth of her words. She thought she saw emotion cloud his eyes, bleeding through the blue.

“I need you to surrender, Chloe.”


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