[Review] I Found My Heart In West Virginia by Chelsea Falin

I Found My Heart In West Virginia by Chelsea Falin


Cheyenne makes the huge decision to move with her four young children to the mountains of West Virginia. Despite coming from a small town in west-central Florida, she had been living in upstate New York with her ex-husband… had been, those were the key words. After finding out her ex-husband was having an affair with a childless eighteen year old girl, Shy calls it quits. West Virginia had long ago found a special place in her heart. The mountains are beautiful, the people are friendly, and you can find a piece of the old life hidden out in the hollers. Shy hopes she will find a new life for her and her children. She wants freedom, and a simpler way of life. What she doesn’t expect to find is a rough-around-the-edges backwoods boy with plenty of troubles of his own to entrap her heart so quickly after the end of her marriage… or ever, come to think of it.


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My Review: 
4.3 Star Review – I Found My Heart In West Virginia

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this story for many reasons.  I felt that the characters were believable and very down to earth.  This is not a lust filled story.  This story is about LOVE.  The characters fall in love as they go along.  They must blend their families and work out everyday issues between the two of them.  I think it give a little more to the story by throwing them into situations that are happening every day around us. Money struggles and family issues are front and center.

Cheyenne has just divorced her husband.  She moved her family (4 kids) to West Virginia.  When she is introduced to her cousin’s friend, everyone thinks they should be a couple.  They start out as friends and build upon that friendship.  As the story goes on that friendship develops into a love story.

I feel that the author pulls you into the town and introduces you around so you also get a feel for the other character in the story.

One thing I didn’t like about the story was that Cheyenne (or better known as Shy) drinks and parties while someone else watches her kids.  I was not cool with that but really this also happens every day and does not pull from the story line so no points taken off for something I personally don’t like.

About The Author:

Chelsea Falin was born on June 4th, 1990, and raised primarily in the small west-central Florida town of Dade City, although she spent some time in the surrounding areas of Zephyrhills, Webster, Brooksville, and Weeki Wachee. She has always wanted to be an author, and from the time she could write her own name, she has been creating stories and putting them to paper. She began writing her first novel at the age of sixteen, and at nineteen years old, she finally published. This followed a slew of publications, and four years later she has over ten titles out. She continues to write, and has a stand alone novel in the works at the moment, along with another cook book.



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