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[Review & Giveaway Tour] Backfield In Motion by Jami Davenport





Backfield In Motion by Jami Davenport

Releasing October 1st
The Seattle Lumberjacks, Book 4 



Star running back Bruce “Bruiser” Mackey has heard those words his entire life, especially after his twin brother’s tragic accident. He might use his surfer-boy good looks to land lucrative endorsements for his secret charity, but he hates books being judged by their covers. Which is why it’s wrong that his friend MacKenzie Hernandez is intent on giving herself a makeover.

Sure, Mac and her father have been reeling financially since her brother disappeared three years ago, and Lumberjacks management gives an annual scholarship that might get her life back on track, but he can’t imagine anyone smarter, sexier, or more beautiful than Mac already is. He can’t keep his hands off her—and the more they spend time together, the less he wants to. She’s perfect as is. One way or another, he’ll make sure the team’s tomboy groundskeeper gets a full ride. And between the two of them, they can learn to accept what’s behind them and look downfield to a future full of win.


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My Review: 

4.4 Star Review – Backfield In Motion

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this book by Jami.  This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, and a missing person. 

Bruce “Bruiser” Mackey is a pretty boy.  He plays football and models.  So everyone thinks he is all about making money.  What people don’t know is all his modeling money goes to a secret charity. 

MacKenzie “Mac” Hernandez is working for the lumberjacks.  She is trying to get a scholarship to finish college and take over when her boss retires.  She is told that she needs to go to the company BBQ and bring a date.

The other Lumberjacks decide she will get a makeover and Bruiser would take her to the BBQ.  He tells her he will take her even though his best friend wants to date her (but he is out of town).  He is amazed by the makeover but feels that she looked better before.  They go to the BBQ together and end up almost kissing.  After overhearing a conversion at the BBQ she leaves alone. 

As time goes by they spend more and more time together.  But she feels Bruiser is not really ready for a relationship as he still has not shared his past or any of his secrets.  Things come up that break them up but they keep coming back together.  But is it worth it to keep trying and not ending up together?

Bruiser has a horrible trauma in his past he does not share with anyone.  Whenever anyone gets too close he pushes them away so they never find out his secrets.  Will he ever share his past with Mac?  Does he even feel that he needs to?

Will Mac get the scholarship she worked so hard for or will something prevent her from getting that?  Will she spend the rest of her life on nights and weekends dropping everything to help her father search for her missing brother?  Will Bruiser be able to deal with her cancelling plans to help her father look for her missing brother?

In the end will all the twists and turns in the relationship help make it stronger or break it apart?

Contact Info for Jami Davenport


 About Jami:

An advocate of happy endings, Jami Davenport writes sexy romantic comedy, sports hero romances, and equestrian fiction. Jami lives on a small farm near Puget Sound with her Green Beret-turned-plumber husband, a Newfoundland cross with a tennis ball fetish, a prince disguised as an orange tabby cat, and an opinionated Hanoverian mare.

Jami works in IT for her day job and is a former high school business teacher and dressage rider. In her spare time, she maintains her small farm and socializes whenever the opportunity presents itself. An avid boater, Jami has spent countless hours in the San Juan Islands, a common setting in her books. In her opinion, it is the most beautiful place on earth.

Connect with Jami:

Buy links for other books in The Seattle Lumberjacks series:
 Fourth and Goal


Seattle Lumberjacks Book 1

Struggling pro football wide receiver Derek Ramsey was once Rachel McCormick’s best friend and lover. She’s about to help him get back his game.

Stuck with an empty bank account, an uncanny ability for evaluating football talent, and a dogged determination to succeed in a man’s world, Rachel swears to do just that. When Derek’s coach suggests sex as an excellent pre-game tension reliever, she takes one for the team. The next day, Derek has the best performance of his not-so illustrious career. Soon Derek and Rachel are racking up nights in bed–and other places–and the team is racking up wins. But Derek knows the truth of a secret Rachel swore to reveal, a truth that destroyed her father years before. A truth that might destroy Derek, too. Torn between love and loyalty, Rachel sees time winding down. It’s fourth and goal, one second left on the clock. The next play must be made for her heart.





 Forward Passes


Seattle Lumberjacks Book 2

Quarterback Tyler Harris is about to find the woman who can get past his defensive line and reach his heart.

With two championships in as many years, superstar Tyler Harris is the best quarterback in the league. Gorgeous and rich, he’s at the top of his game. But everyone’s looking to take him down. There’s a building media frenzy around an unfortunate accident, and the only safe place seems a rundown mansion deep in the San Juans and owned by his late great uncle. There, Tyler gets sacked by the sassy redhead next door. It’s more alive than he’s felt in years.

Lavender Mead has a good reason to dislike jocks, namely an absentee father who deserted the family to coach college football. Maybe that explains her penchant for bad boys who play ball for a living and break hearts for a hobby. Her new neighbor seems just the type. Yet, something is different about Tyler, and sometimes love requires a Hail Mary. You draw back your arm, pray…and give it all up to fate. And sometimes you win your ring.




 Down by Contact


Seattle Lumberjacks Book 3

After twelve years in the league, all Zach Murphy wants is a Super Bowl ring. He’s been about hard hits not smooth manners, about breaking quarterbacks not making small talk at cocktail parties. But now he’s shattered something else. After dumping a tray of drinks on the team owner’s snooty daughter and accidentally feeling up the Governor’s wife, his tenure with his team looks perilously short. And things are getting worse.

Life is looking up for Kelsie Carrington-Richmond. A onetime beauty pageant star and mean girl, she only recently stopped living out of her car. But both those times have passed. Her Finishing School for Real Men has a real shot, and the Seattle Lumberjacks have hired her to polish up their roughest player. Except…it’s Zach. Long ago she broke his heart. He’s just the beast she remembers–gruff, protective–but she’s nothing like the beauty from his past. Yet, getting knocked down happens, and getting back up makes a contender. And they both have the hearts of champions. 




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[COVER REVEAL] Yearning Absolution by Rachael Orman

Yearning Absolution          by Rachael Orman
Release Date – October 14, 2013
Cover done by Rebecca at


Gwen has finally landed her first fashion design job, working under her amazing boyfriend, Cole. While her girlfriend, McKayla, is busy with her modeling job, things start to shift in their unique relationship.

Unexpected surprises cause a whirlwind of change to sweep through their once happy lives.

As the people around her change, so do their relationships… When all is said and done sometimes only heartbreak is left.

Just when Gwen thought life was good, she is thrust into one catastrophe after another.

Will Gwen’s life be able to withstand even more turmoil, tears and blood?

Can she fulfill the dreams she has held onto for so long, while accepting new dreams that she never knew she had? Or will everything come crashing down on her




Buy It Link




Contact Info for Rachael 

Rachael is a stay at home mom with 2 young daughters and a husband that keep her constantly on her toes. She lives in the extremely hot state of Arizona, where she reads and writes away the blistering heat outside.

She is a cancer survivor with a quirky personality. She’s been an avid reader for as long as she can remember and been writing since she was in high school. Her hopes of being a writer were crushed when she was young but one day she decided she was going to do what makes her happy and that was to write.

Connect with Rachael:



“I knew that tonight would be just us so I wanted it to be special.” Cole rubbed his hands up her arms to rest on her shoulders. “Now, let’s do something about the sticky mess that drink left behind.”


Cole bent down and scooped her up in his arms. Gwen let out a short laugh as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He carried her into the bedroom. There were white rose petals scattered all over the bed and floor along with more candles lighting the room. Cole didn’t seem to notice though as he carried her into the bathroom. Again candles covered nearly every surface in the spacious bathroom. He set her gently down on the vanity chair before moving to turn on the bathwater and adding in some bubbles from a dispenser on the side of the tub. He turned to her with a soft smile on his handsome face as he took a slow step towards her.


“I think this will do.” His eyes never left Gwen’s as he slipped the coat off his shoulders then laid it on the floor next to the chair she was sitting on. He tugged on his tie, leaving it hanging around his neck before sinking to his knees in front of her. Lifting one of her feet, he kissed slowly down from her knee to her ankle while his fingers tenderly took off her shoe. Setting her foot on the ground, he repeated the same treatment to the other leg and shoe before setting the heels off to the side. “I might have a slight addiction to your heels, but tonight I want you as relaxed as possible.” Cole murmured as leaned up and planted a soft kiss on Gwen’s lips.






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[COVER REVEAL] What Remains by Nicole R. Taylor

What Remains                  by Nicole R. Taylor
Publication Date – October 15, 2013
Genres: Adult, Post-Apocalyptic
Cover designed by Paper and Sage Design


I’d never known true darkness until the lights went out.
I had never known what it was to be hungry.
Everyone I ever knew was dead. If they weren’t, then they wished they were.
I know I did.

Prue Ashford has been surviving alone in the Australian bush for the last three years. After an unknown virus wiped out most of the human population, she escaped the chaos and hid. Every town and city was locked down into quarantine, but that only led to the inevitable. Death.
Living off the land, avoiding other survivors turned bad, she’s led a lonely life, surviving on the edge of a very narrow cliff. The moment she begins to lose hope is when she meets the handsome and enigmatic, Shaw.
He’s the first human being she’s seen in three years that hasn’t tried to kill her and she doesn’t dare to hope. She’d given up finding anyone alive that still had goodness inside of them.
Her only option if she wants to live is to trust Shaw and he takes her to the isolated community he calls home. Being among people again is it’s own challenge and Prue finds herself tested on every front. Making friends was never easy for her and making them after an apocalypse is even harder.
Hannah, the town’s apprentice doctor, becomes the closest thing Prue has to a best friend and Nan fast becomes her surrogate mother. Shaw brings feelings to the surface that she would rather forget and Eva, the mayor’s daughter, seems hell bent on making her life a living hell.
In the end, Prue must make a decision. Stay in the town at the end of the world and learn how to love again, or go back into the wasteland of human civilisation and go it alone.


What Remains is a gritty story of human survival. When society crumbles and chaos reigns, people become desperate. They turn to violence and resort to extreme measures to go on living. Parts of this story may be confronting for some people. It contains violent situations staged by desperate people, the extremes that people go to show their love and a dose of bad language. It’s recommended for readers 18 and up.


Buy Links: 





Contact Info for Nicole 

Nicole R. Taylor is a Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Contemporary Romance author from country Victoria, Australia.

Previously, she has written for various small street press music and entertainment publications as a gig and album reviewer before publishing her first Urban Fantasy novel in early 2013.
When she isn’t writing, Nicole likes to spend time curled up with a good book and her 3-year-old rescue cat, Burger. She gets itchy feet more often than not and has lived in three countries and travelled to three times as many.

Connect with Nicole:

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[COVER REVEAL& GIVEAWAY] Storm by Nina Levine

Storm by Nina Levine                              Storm MC, #1
Expected Publication Date – November 26, 2013


Life can be a bitch but love can get you through any storm.

Madison Cole’s family is the Storm Motorcycle Club. Her father is the President and her brother is the VP. She grew up surrounded by bikers, crime and violence. Two years ago she walked away from her family and the world they live in. Her soul was shattered, her heart was broken and she had an addiction she couldn’t shake. She picked up the pieces and put herself back together. Now her family wants her back. The club is being threatened and they send a club member to return her home to safety; the one person that could destroy everything she has worked so hard to build.

Jason Reilly has sacrificed a lot for the motorcycle club he calls family. Two years ago he made the biggest sacrifice of all; he gave up the woman he loved for them. Now he is being sent to bring her back and he is conflicted. He thought he was over her but discovers their connection is as strong as ever. Their love was all-consuming, passionate and fiery. It was also their undoing and he doesn’t know if either of them is strong enough to battle the demons that ripped them apart, to find love again. 

Madison and Jason are brought back together by a force out of their control; one that pushes them to a breaking point. Can they overcome their past and discover a love worth fighting for or will the harsh reality of their world finally and completely break them both?



About the Author:

Nina Levine is an Aussie writer who writes stories about hot, alpha men and the tough, independent women they love. You won’t find any whiny, spineless women in Nina’s books and you certainly won’t find any weak men. 

A warning though, you will find hot, dirty sex, lots of swearing, occasional violent encounters and men and women who live fast and love hard.

Nina’s debut book Storm will be releasing in November 2013. It is based around the Storm Motorcycle Club and is the first book in an MC series.




Connect with Nina:





Fuck, she wasn’t going to make this easy for either of us.  I was convinced that Scott was handing me my balls on a plate by sending me here.  One look at Madison and I wanted to shove them at her and get the fuck out of here.  Christ, she was still as goddamn sexy as the last time I laid eyes on her.  I ran my eyes down her body and took in the low-cut, short dress and fuck me heels; god I loved those shoes and my dick twitched just thinking about wrapping those legs around me.


“Can we talk outside for a minute?” I asked.


She pursed her lips and appeared to be assessing the situation before she gave me a curt nod and said, “Fine.”  And with that she grabbed her purse, brushed past me and stalked towards the front door.  I watched her ass sway as I followed her out and told my dick to settle the fuck down.  No way were we going there again; I was here for one reason and one reason only.


Once we were outside she reached into her purse and pulled out a cigarette.  She quickly lit it and took a long drag.  God, I hoped she was still sober; last I had heard she was and she looked pretty healthy but the way she sucked on that cigarette looked like a junkie fixing for their next hit.


“Scott told you I was coming, yeah?” I asked, taking in the glare she had levelled on me.  Yep, balls on a plate.


“No,” she snapped, “He said someone was coming but he failed to mention it was you.”  She looked like she was going to say something else but took another long drag on her cigarette instead.


“Well, you’ve got me until he pulls me back home so I say we make the best of a shitty situation and put our crap aside.”


She took another long drag on her cigarette, threw it down and ground it out before scowling at me, “You’re a fucking asshole, J and for all I care you can go to hell.” 

Nina is giving away 3 eARC’s of Storm.
These will be sent out the week prior to publication in November.

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[COVER REVEAL] Gravediggers by Cindy M. Hogan

Gravediggers by Cindy M. Hogan                                                                    Publication date: Fall, 2013
Genres: Mystery, Young Adult


Seventeen-year-old Billy thinks his father’s murder will never be solved—until he stumbles across an old ammo box while digging a grave in his small-town Tennessee cemetery.

What he finds leads him to question everything he knows, and his search for answers will uncover more than he bargained for: lies, secrets, and conspiracies—and behind them all, a dangerous truth.


Pre-Order links:



About the Author:

Cindy M. Hogan graduated with a secondary education teaching degree and enjoys spending time with unpredictable teenagers. More than anything she loves the time she has with her own teenage daughters and wishes she could freeze them at this fun age. If she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her snuggled up with the love of her life watching a great movie or planning their next party. She loves to bake, garden and be outdoors doing a myriad of activities.


Connect with Cindy:






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[Tour] Mummy Fever by Charlotte Pearson

Mummy Fever by CharlottePearson

Mission Accomplished



It was the best of times … It was the worst of times … ‘Mummy Fever: Mission Accomplished’ is a determinedly honest blow-by-blow account of young motherhood that will remind you why you vowed never to have a second child, and why you probably broke that vow two years later. Discover how to open a door gracefully to a perfect stranger half-naked and covered head-to-toe in … well, never mind, how to grow eight arms, how to fend off the hapless and intrusive advice of your rampaging mother-in-law, how to run a marathon only a few months after you have given birth, and how to deal with an inattentive husband who isn’t planning on changing his life at all. But, above all, remind yourself that young motherhood is a time of enchantment, despite the very real challenges, and a love story, at least towards the children.


Buy Link:


 Contact Info for Charlotte Pearson


Charlotte Pearson was born in Leicester in 1979 and lived with her parents, both teachers and younger brother, Sam. After completing her studies at Lutterworth Grammar School, in 1998 she was accepted to Keele University to study Sociology, Applied Social Studies and later completing a masters in International Relations. She also spent time at the University of Kyoto, Japan. Charlotte now lives in North Wales with her partner and three children. Charlotte wrote Mummy Fever: Mission Accomplished whilst pregnant with her third child and is currently writing the sequel.
Connect with Charlotte:

Mother knows best
Today saw the arrival of my mother-in-law.
What an odd woman she is. She has never really done much with her life, and yet to talk to her you would think she has achieved great success. She is a good actress and someone who creates an impressive image of herself in others’ minds … similar to Adam, really.
When Adam was five, his parents divorced. Thirteen years later his father died. Yet to talk to his mother, you would presume she was widowed, despite the fact she re-married when Adam was eleven.
She plays a good widow.
She is a woman who has never really had to achieve anything for herself or finance anything herself. Adam’s father was in the army, so for a few years they travelled. Following their divorce, she lived with her wealthy parents for a while and then re-married a lovely man who is kind-hearted and hard-working, with considerable family money.
She has bounced successfully from one person to another, managing not to work a single day for twenty-five years, while expecting to live a frivolous and extravagant lifestyle.
She has no qualifications, having dropped out of university a year into her course, and yet I was the one who was not good enough to be part of her family. I had two degrees and I have always worked hard. Being a mother is really important to me but so is earning my own money, something she has never had to do.
She has had four children but I would not describe her as the mothering type. She is not someone I would consider to have been a good mother and I am not planning to model my approach to motherhood on hers.
What is quietly amusing about her is that while she thinks she is someone everyone else aspires to being, and someone of great social stature and economic privilege, people keep laughing at her behind her back. On every occasion when our friends meet her, they comment to Adam how high maintenance she must be and laugh at some of her comments.
My family, while always polite towards her, find her hard work and difficult to be around.
Even Adam struggles with her selfishness and her spendthrift ways.
The most difficult aspect of having her as my mother-in-law is the absolute feeling of never being good enough. When Adam told her he was planning to propose to me, she basically informed him that he could do better and asked him to think about it all very carefully. When we got married, she tried her hardest to involve herself in every detail, and when she found out we were expecting Poppy, she felt the need to compare my bump size to hers and impose all sorts of unhelpful advice on me.
She has this way of talking to me which is very difficult to explain – she is a smiling assassin. She says all the right and proper things in public, such as, “Can I please introduce you to my beautiful daughter-in-law?” but then, in private, she is full of personal put-downs and snide comments. It is a true art to be able to speak to someone like this, and she is a professional at it.
I have tried for a long time to be patient with her and to make allowances for her approach to life, to people and in particular to me. If I put my sensible hat on, I know why she is as she is. My years of studying the social sciences mean that I am able to find an explanation for just about every human emotion and behaviour. However, as someone who is  currently postnatal and exhausted, I am rapidly losing patience and think I should be forgiven for thinking that at the moment others should be trying to help me out a bit.
I was tired and sore this evening. I just needed twenty minutes to soak in a hot bath and feel like me again. That would do it; I would be fixed.
I fed Poppy from both breasts to ensure she was full and would not need a feed for some time. Adam had to make a work call but he said that his mother would watch Poppy while I was in the bath; it would give them time to bond. She made a big thing about how it would be no problem. She was a mother of four and she knew all about babies.
I ran the bath, making sure I added loads of bubbles. It was nice and hot – just what my aching body needed.
I had been in the bath for about five minutes when I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and Poppy crying.
There was a bang on the bathroom door.
“This baby needs feeding,” she shouted at me through the door.
“I’ve just given her a huge feed,” I shouted back. “She is fine. It will just be wind.”
“I think I know what I’m talking about. I’ve had four children, you know. If you don’t come out, I am coming in.”
This ridiculous woman could not even look after Poppy for five minutes. After draining both my breasts during her feed, there was no way she was hungry, but my crazy mother-in-law would not listen.
I climbed out of the bath I had not yet had a chance to enjoy, opened the door and took Poppy off her. I could feel myself boiling inside.
Where was Adam when I needed him? Apparently Adam had finished his call and was busy watching something on TV. Where was my back-up?
I took Poppy into the bedroom with me and winded her. In no time at all she let out a huge burp and was all smiles again.
I grabbed her baby bouncer and brought it into the bathroom with me. I got back into the bath and Poppy played in her bouncer, grinning at me as I relaxed.
At that moment I knew it was me against them. FOREVER.
Later that evening, I overheard Adam and his mother talking.
“She is very stubborn. She won’t ask for help. I am here to help with Poppy but she won’t let me.”
I was not surprised by the ridiculous lies I was hearing. The woman was a joke but I was blue with rage.

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[Review & Giveaway] All Of Her Men by Lourdes Bernabe

All Of Her Men by Lourdes Bernabe

Releasing October 1st


18 + Due to Strong Sexual Content, Extreme Violence, and Drug Use

Jolene is no ordinary woman. She’s young, vivacious, and oh so dangerous. Burdened by her uncontrollable urges, Jolene struggles to live with a sexual dysfunction so harsh it consumes her entirely. 

But when she starts receiving strange letters she suspects the worst. Someone saw her in a compromising situation. But what did they see? And what do they want? And how the hell did they find her?

Buy Links:


My Review: 

4.3 Star Review – All Of Her Men

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this book by Lourdes.  This book includes passion, heartache, murder and a kidnapping.

Jolene is forced to do evil deeds that she tried desperately to suppress.  When she can’t suppress them she needs to spend a lot of time primping, getting her makeup, outfit, hair, and shoes just right to be noticed immediately but forgotten just as quickly.

She is going out to hunt.  To hunt what you ask? A man is what she will hunt.  She needs to kill while she is having an orgasm to suppress her dark side.  For this particular hunt she has chosen Paul.  Little does he know he might leave the bar with the prettiest girl but really one he shouldn’t have picked up in the first place!  He thinks he can take her to the beach and show her off to his friends.  Too bad he doesn’t get the chance.       

Only when her sexual appetite and a killing are performed together does it feed the darkness inside her.  Since she brings a kill kit with her to every kill she always cleans up swiftly.  The killings don’t just involve the kill you have to get rid of the body.  She carries a meat cleaver for breaking down the body easily.  She has many ways of disposing of the bodies.  Which way will she pick for Paul? 

In reality she has been killing for over 20 years.  Her first kill was a girl while on a field trip with the school.  They were both 6 years old.  The girl would not stop yapping and being a bully to the other kids.  So Jolene snapped her neck. 
She learned throughout her years that if she killed during sex she quelled the thirst that consumed her.  After every kill there is a calm that comes over Jolene that she loves. 

She has a boyfriend but does not consider all the sexual killing that she does as cheating.  Since she does not love those men she can have sex and kill them without cheating.  She does love her boyfriend so he is safe from being killed so far.

The only problem is with this last kill is someone saw and is now leaving creepy notes on her door.    Black paper notes with weird messages on them.   Who could be leaving the note and are they friend or foe?  When she gets a dated note and a knife she thinks she has an admirer.

At a gentlemen’s club one night she meets Bill a well-dressed man who sometimes scares her and other times her dark side wants her to sleep with him and kill him.  What will she do?  Is Bill so special that he gets to live?  Or will she listen to her dark side that wants her to bed him and kill him?

After a weird incident with her best friend and two guys at a spa she now has thoughts of killing her best friend.  She starts avoiding her but when that does not work what will she do?  Can she really kill her best friend?

Someone else in the town is killing good looking men and it’s all over the news.  Who could it be and how can she stop them from killing her men?  As the killings get closer to her area will they kill someone she knows or cares about?

Just to let you know this book has a “to be continued…..” ending so look for the second book.

The darkness that surrounds Jolene is explosive.  The killings don’t go into a lot of gory details. You feel at times in the book that Jolene’s mind is confused and it makes the reader confused.  I almost thought she was dreaming at certain parts when she was not.  You almost wonder how the hell she was able to kill the first girl by breaking her neck.  Had a hard time believing that could happen.  But you never know right? I still found the book to be a good read.


  Contact Info for Lourdes Bernabe

 About Lourdes:

I am a 25 year old first time author from New Jersey. I currently reside in New Jersey where I have lived and worked all of my life. I have always been passionate about reading but only recently discovered that I wanted to try my hand at writing. Working most of my adult life bar tending in New Jersey’s Strip Clubs, I decided to take a chance, leaving that world behind to pursue a literary career. I am currently working on my second book due for release later this year.

Connect with Lourdes  Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Facebook AllOfHerMen 


Lying down on the bed, I ignored Eric and slowly started to rub my clitoris. I kept my eyes on the threesome on screen. The bud helped to get things moving and I wanted Eric to join me. “Baby come eat my pussy,” I whispered over to him. He got up from the bed and come over to my side but he held something in his hand. As he came closer it gleamed and shock ran through me. It was a knife.

It wasn’t my usual knife but it was THE knife. The one I received just recently. “Jolene, what is this?” he asked.

What could I say? I didn’t have an answer that would satisfy his question. I felt clueless as to how to respond. I was panic stricken and I wondered how much of it he was able to pick up on. I pulled myself up to a sitting position on the bed and quickly grabbed it from his hand.

“How did you find this?” I asked wielding the knife. The sharp edge of the knife glimmered in his direction. I was stalling, unsure of my next move.

“I was looking for a movie in your bookshelf. I saw a box and opened it. Why the fuck do you have this? When did you get it?” Confusion contorted his facial features. His thoughts began to settle and I saw fear. And that fear tormented me. The last thing I ever wanted was for Eric to be afraid of me. I enjoyed toying with him sexually, yes. But I could never hurt Eric in any way.

“We’ll talk about this later,” I dismissed his questions. I knew what I had to do.

I laid back down into the bed slowly. I opened my legs as I stared directly into Eric’s eyes. With knife in hand, I pointed at my pussy. Bringing the knife down gently, I carefully nicked the black thong and it flung open to reveal just how aroused I had become.

“Eat my pussy,” I repeated. However, this time, it was a command.

Eric’s eyebrow popped up and his neck twisted to the side as if he’d taken offense to my words. His green eyes shot back and forth between my face and my pussy. Still confused about the knife, I could see the questions mounting on his face. But still, none of that was enough to stop the blood rushing to his dick. He climbed into the bed and put his face directly in front of my open legs. He stopped to enjoy the scenery for a moment or two and then dove right in.

Dear Jesus. I laid back to enjoy the view of Eric devouring me in the form of The Last Supper. His passion to serve me was unquestionable. The ruffled hair atop his head was all I could see as his face was lost in the world between my thighs. My palm squeezed the all powerful knife in my right hand and the surge of carnal bliss threw me into a state of pleasurable despair. I needed more and I couldn’t wait. I tapped the tip of the blade on Eric’s head motioning for him to come up.

Eric pulled his weight forward. His face came up to meet mine and then he grabbed my head with a powerful grip and forced his mouth onto mine. I could taste myself on his tongue. Delicious. Still I wanted more. I shifted down a bit and shoved his hips into mine. I was lost in carnal bliss.

The sounds of heavy breathing were the only sounds escaping from Eric’s mouth. Still, Blondie continued to suck those cocks on screen. They put her to work. Hopefully, Eric wouldn’t take note of the movie’s slight distraction. His thrusts slowly increased in speed and pressure. I was almost there. Mandingo continued to fuck Blondie viciously while Eric continued to pound away at me. I squeezed the knife once more.

My thoughts began to take a starker turn. The knife was right here, nestled in my firm grasp. Brand new, having never been used; I felt it calling upon me. Using the knife on Eric right here would make the perfect maiden voyage for such a beautifully crafted knife? My own thoughts bewildered me. I knew I didn’t want to kill Eric. Yet, suddenly I felt as if I had to.

My instincts were comparable to that of a praying mantis. There were certainly times when I could withhold myself from killing an innocent partner. I’d hoped that part of me, the part that didn’t need to kill, would show up and save me from my own self. But I could feel myself coming. “Harder baby!” I screamed. Containment was no longer a possibility. My eyes squeezed shut and my neck curled back. The knife in my hand came up and sliced across Eric’s neck as my body convulsed in harsh waves of pleasure.

Then I felt the quiet. Everything stood still as I regained control of my breathing. Moments passed by before my eyes fluttered open to see that I had not indeed killed my precious Eric. I’d wanted to. But I hadn’t. Thank God. My imagination had simply gone too far. Better it be my imagination than my actions.

Eric disengaged and I remained in the same position for a while longer. I couldn’t move. I could have moved had I tried, I simply lacked the motivation to do so. I just wanted to be. Droopy lids shaded half my eyes as I stared into the ceiling while both my body and mind recovered from the aftershocks of a pulsating orgasm. I rested blissfully for a few short moments and then I shot up out of bed like a canon.


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[Review] Expired Regrets by Megan C. Smith

Expired Regrets by Megan C. Smith

Released October 4th, 2013




On your dying breath, what regrets will you wish you could re-do?

Rose was your average girl just trying to get done with high school so she could escape her overbearing mother and move to Tallahassee. Then she met Bryant, a guy who moved to her barn and made her body sizzle in appreciation. Bryant was determined to avoid Rose, but as much as he pushed her away he pulled her closer too. Finally ready to be together their relationship is thrown an insurmountable obstacle sending Rose fleeing for Tallahassee and away from Bryant. Four years later Rose has to come home, and is dreading running in to Bryant again. Both of them are forced to face their regrets as they wish they could have done things differently, but is it too late for them to find love again?

Note: this is a new adult novel and contains sex and graphic language. This is not intended for young adult readers.


Buy Link:

My Review: 

4.5 Star Review – Expired Regrets

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this book by Megan.  This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, pain, jealousy, and betrayal.  The book will suck you right in and have you engrossed so you are reading the end before you know it.  Some parts are really heartbreaking so pack your tissues you might just need them.   

The beginning of this book is told in Rose’s POV but in a few chapters near the end it changes to Bryant’s POV and then back to Rose’s POV.

This book started out right after a horrific car accident scene which has the feel of Rose dying.

You are then transformed back 4 years to Rose’s senior year of high school when she meets a new guy named Bryant Matthews.  After witnessing her best friend Leslie flirting with him she gets jealous and ends up leaving her friend behind at the barn where they rides horses every day. 

She avoids her friend for a while until her friend calls multiple times in a row.  Leslie explains that Bryant was asking all about her and has no interest in Leslie.  Rose feels so guilty about avoiding her friend.  Once again Rose and Leslie are fine.

Rose decides she will seek out Bryant and he tells her she is too young for him as he is a senior in college.  They live in two different worlds and it would never work.  Rose is broken hearted. 

The next day Rose takes a fall off her horse and ends up hurting herself.  Bryant witnesses the fall and comes over to help her out.  After wrapping her wrist he steals a kiss.  They begin spending time together at the barn where they ride and store there horses.  As Rose falls more in love with Bryant everyday she wonders what he feels.

All the kids that store there horses at the barn have to work at an annual Harvest Festival.  When Bryant shows up with his friends she does not even introduce them to Rose.  She feels rejected so when one of the guys that came with Bryant named Jordan shows her attention she is torn.  She loves Bryant but Jordan is so easy to be around. 

As the days follow both Bryant and Jordan both try to win over Rose.  They even come to blows over her.  As they both tell her they love her who will she pick?  Will she pick the right one?  Will they last? 

Who will win?  Bryant who is always rejecting her and making her heart hurt with the way he treats her?   Or will she pick Jordan who is sweet, always protecting her, and easy to be with? 

Rose has a tragic past that made her shutdown and not date for a long time.  What new tragic things are in store for her?

What team are you on Jordan or Bryant!


 Contact Info for Megan C. Smith



Megan Smith was born and raised in beautiful Tampa, Florida where she spent her days falling in love with fictional characters from a very young age. After marrying her best friend she relocated to North Carolina to support her husband’s career as a U.S. Marine. During her time in North Carolina Megan was blessed with 3 beautiful children who have kept her constantly busy chasing after them and enjoying the daily routine of motherhood. Most recently Megan and her family have relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida where she has spent the past few months achieving her lifelong dream of publishing her very first novel; as well as continuing to submerge herself in some of her favorite books while appreciating a glass of wine and her favorite, salted pretzel Milanos.

Connect with Megan:


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[COVER REVEAL] Adrenaline Rush by Cindy M. Hogan

Adrenaline Rush by Cindy M. Hogan
Publication date: October 2013
Genres: Suspense, Young Adult



A madman with a mission is kidnapping groups of thrill-seeking high school seniors across the country, and it’s up to Christy to stop him.

To do so, she must take on a fearless alter ego and infiltrate a group of adrenaline junkies bent on pushing life to the limit. Death-defying stunts are only the beginning: two groups fit the profile, and Christy must discover the real target before it’s too late.

If she chooses the wrong group, more people will disappear. But choosing right puts her as the prime target—with no guarantee that she’ll get out alive.






About The Author!


Cindy M. Hogan graduated with a secondary education teaching degree and enjoys spending time with unpredictable teenagers. More than anything she loves the time she has with her own teenage daughters and wishes she could freeze them at this fun age. If she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her snuggled up with the love of her life watching a great movie or planning their next party. She loves to bake, garden and be outdoors doing a myriad of activities.

Connect with Cindy:

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[COVER REVEAL] Hard To Love You by Megan Smith

Hard To Love You by Megan Smith

The Love Series, #3
Release Date: November 12, 2013


What do you do when the one you’ve always wanted becomes too Hard to Love?

Hailey Taylor’s heart is broken. She was sure that if anyone could tame bad boy Mason, she could. They were supposed to be together forever. It was finally their turn.

Mason Cahill’s baseball career is taking him to new places. Places he’s always wanted to go. Things on the field come easily. Why can’t the rest of life be simple? All actions have consequences but will the price be too high?

What would you do if you had one last chance to turn it all around? Sparks fly. Tempers flare. Hearts shatter. One thing is certain…everything has changed.

Who will be too Hard to Love?

Buy links for Book 1 & 2 – The Love Series:
Trying Not To Love You



Easy To Love You


About the Author:


Megan Smith is the author of USA Today and Amazon Bestselling novels, Trying Not To Love You and Easy To Love You.

She lives in New Jersey, with her husband and son.

During the day Megan is behind a desk purchasing computer equipment. At night, she’s writing and planning for her next release or chasing around her very active son.


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