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[Release Blitz & Giveaway] Positive/Negativity by DD Lorenzo

Positive/Negativity by DD Lorenzo



Positive and negative forces peacefully coexist within the lives of ordinary people every day.

Aria Cole has a desire to create beauty in whatever environment she is placed. The emotional toll of expending her heart diverts her to a new direction, and she flourishes while creating beauty in a new way. When a personal loss finds its way into her world, she experiences heartbreaking devastation. Her memories have compelled her to a place where she experiences peace and contentment.

Declan Sinclair’s occupation demands that he use his body as much as his mind, and it forces him to move in a fast-paced world. When the accelerated pace of his lifestyle encourages him to personally navigate the course of his professional destiny, he seizes the opportunity to retreat to his refuge and prepare a vocational strategy.

When positive and negative circumstances merge the lives of Aria and Declan, they find they have more in common than the love of a place of peace. Can the lives of two people, the events that unite them, the circumstances that surround them, and the attraction that draws them be enough to put their lives into balance and assist them in finding what they both secretly desire?

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About DD
DD Lorenzo is a fresh modern-day storyteller. Her stories reach deep into the heart of readers and engage them through the emotions of her characters.

DD resides in Maryland, The Land of Pleasant Living. She met the love of her life in high school and decided to look no further. Together, they have raised their children into fabulous adults. When she isn’t writing stories of the impassioned lives of her characters, she is rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or the Baltimore Orioles. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with the great people in her life and riding with her husband in his classic Mustang to the Eastern Shore.

DD is currently working on “Selective/Memory”, Book 2 in the “Depths of Emotion” series..

Connect with DD:
I wanted to break out into a monumental smile, but I kept my composure and remained stone-faced. Declan commanded such power and enormity that I felt hindered by the space in the room. His significant posture throughout the encounter had just filled it. There was no time for smiles or pleasantries to be exchanged as we exited. An astonished hush had fallen on all of the personnel involved that were still present within this theatre. Declan’s distaste for Marisol was evident, and the fact that he had made it, not only blatantly clear but publicly evident, registered on her face. Her agitation was sourly unleashed in her expression. Once Declan had dismissed her, she turned her resentful stare to me. It appeared that she now declared who the culprit of her disgrace was, and she decided that my involvement with Declan was the core and cause.
Although I didn’t and likely would never have reason to engage personally with Marisol, it seemed as if she was going to make it her mission to make it personal between us…
Declan’s changed demeanor insinuated that we weren’t going to stay here a moment longer than necessary, so I gathered my personal items from the theater seat. Our plans were to have a nice dinner and do some “touristy” things in New York, at my request, since all of this was new to me; however, I wasn’t certain how his encounter with Marisol would alter those plans.
Looking around at all of the people it took to make a product campaign successful, I had a newfound appreciation for the profession he had chosen. He worked very hard at insuring his representation for his clients was to the best of his ability. There was so much more involved than just looking pretty and taking good pictures. I was extremely proud of him and his work, and I had enjoyed seeing it firsthand.
Declan came over to me and kissed me, but I felt the underlying rage.
“Baby, I’m just going to grab my things, and then we’ll go. Do you want to come with me?” he asked.
“No, I’m good. I’ll be right here,” I said.
He looked around and seemed a bit worried.
“I’ll be right back, okay?”
I nodded my head in affirmation. TT
While he had stepped away to gather his items, a sultry, female voice came from behind me. “He is a most pretty man, is he not?” I heard in a Latin accent.
As I turned, I saw Marisol; the same woman with whom Declan had just had an altercation.
Pretty, isn’t a word that I’d use to describe Declan,” I said sarcastically, and I offered no other comment. This woman caused my “bad news” radar to go into overdrive and I did not want to encourage conversation.
She wasn’t going to give up without a fight. “Perhaps there are better words to describe him,” she said. “At least, parts of him. ThickHardBig…I’ve always enjoyed it,” she emphasized each word as she leered at me, challenging.
“We haven’t met,” she said. “I’m Marisol Franzi—a very…Special…friend of Declan’s.”
I know that my face reflected composure, but my stomach was revolting. Although I hadn’t eaten, I was nauseous, and I feared that I might vomit on her Louboutins.
By nature, I’m not a woman who likes confrontation of any sort. In fact, I’d go out of my way to avoid it. However, it occurred to me that I tried to avoid confrontation when it addressed me. This topic, unlucky for her, addressed Declan. A foreign, protective feeling began to arise within me, and I could feel myself straighten and stiffen. Feeling as if I had a spine of steel and a stare of the same, with rigid self-possession and controlled confidence, I looked her square in the eye to address her—the bitchy snake.
“I would have introduced myself to you; however, Declan found you so exhaustively insignificant that he didn’t deem it necessary to mention knowing you to me. As I know him to be an excellent judge of character, I believe I will follow his lead. As for you being Declan’s girlfriend? I don’t believe he shares that opinion. It would appear that your relationship with him exists delusionally…only in your absurd, little mind. I also know him to be a man of high caliber, again something which you are not. From the exchange I witnessed a few moments ago, you appear to be a waste of his time, and now mine. Now get the hellout of my way!” I stared into her face as I said it, though my knees were threatening to shake.
The vicious anger she felt was now apparent on her face. “Who the hell do you think you are?” she spat at me. “You fat, little puta bitch! You can’t compete with me in any way! You are nothing but a—”
With that, I saw a large hand grip her upper arm and spin her around.
Enough!” Declan said.



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