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[Book Tour & Review & Giveaway] The Christmas Cookie Collection by Lori Wilde

The Christmas Cookie Collection By: Lori Wilde


There’s a legend in Twilight, Texas. It says that if on Christmas you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny.

Carrie, Raylene, Christine, and Flynn are all members of the Christmas Cookie Club. Each has a story to tell, and each discovers the miracles of the season and the power of love.

Carrie: Reconnects with her high school sweetheart . . .the only man she’s ever loved.

Raylene: Discovers that the daughter she gave away at birth is living right in Twilight . . .

Christine: Has given up on love . . . until the man of her dreams walks through her shop door.

Grace: It’s Christmas Eve and Flynn and Jesse Calloway are thrilled to be expecting a new baby. Then Flynn’s car hits a patch of ice, and Jesse must move earth . . . and heaven . . .to save her and their unborn child.


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My Review: 

5.0 Star Review – The Christmas Cookie Collection

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this book by Lori.  This book sweet romance, laughs, heartache, and a missing wife.



Carrie MacGregor and Mark Leland were high school sweethearts who ran off to get married.  After they returned to the town pressure made Carrie ask for an annulment.  Mark left for college and has not been back for eight years.  He is coming back to town to shoot a TV show that is trying to prove if the legend of the town is fact of fiction.  Is there still an attraction between the two?  Or have they moved on?



Raylene was young and thought the best thing for her daughter was to give her up.  When her husband finds out he leaves her.  Now she is alone and heartbroken.  When she finds her daughter she is grateful and happy but still feels the guilt about giving her up.  This story also contains a side story of her daughter, Shannon and Nate.



Christine a bakery owner is closing one night when a man from her past comes into the shop.  She is surprised he remembers her.  He needs a cake and arranges for her to deliver it for his daughter’s birthday.  After spending time with him she realizes she still has a crush.  Does he feel anything for her?



Flynn is pregnant with Jesse’s baby when they are pulled over one night.  After the police take Jesse in for questioning and she start home something happens that causes her to lose control of the car.   When Jesse finally comes home and the house is empty he is frantic.  Will he be able to find Flynn and if he does will she be okay?


Lori’s characters are very believable and real.  They have awkward moments and are caught unaware so it not just the same story.  You get new characters with a past you learn about with everyone of them.  I always feel she fills in all the areas you need to know about the characters that if you met them you would be wondering about anyway.  So in a sense you feel as if you know them and might one day sit and have conversions with one of them.  
 Very good read.   


Contact Info for Lori Wilde

About Lori:

LORI WILDE is the New York Times bestselling author of more than sixty books. A former RITA finalist, Lori has received the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Holt Medallion, the Booksellers Best, the National Readers’ Choice, and numerous other honors. She lives in Texas, with her husband and a wide assortment of pets. Lori teaches Romance Writing Secrets via the internet through colleges and universities worldwide at Visit her at or @LoriWilde on Twitter.

Connect with Lori:

Read an Excerpt

Down at the Horny Toad Tavern off Highway 377 in Twilight, Texas, Elvis Presley was singing, “Blue Christmas.”

The jukebox music sounded tinny and faraway as it bled through the door into the crisp night air. Weather reports predicted temperatures would slide below freezing by morning, and listeners had been urged to bring in plants and pets. No holiday lights decorated the building as they had in previous years. Other then Elvis’s mournful tune, the establishment gave no hint that Christmas was on the way. Only a few cars sat in the parking lot, sparse for a Saturday night, but most of the hamlet’s denizens were out celebrating the annual Dickens on the Square.

In the thick of darkening shadows from the cedar copse rimming the outskirts of the parking lot, a silent figure in a red suit, long white beard, and shiny black boots waited, watching the back entrance of the tavern, hungry to catch a glimpse of one person in particular.

After an interminable half-hour, shortly before midnight, the rear door to the Horny Toad opened, hinges creaking in the cold and letting out the strain of the Eagles singing “Please Come Home for Christmas.”

The watcher tensed, heart pounding and wind-burned hands fisted inside the pockets of the Santa costume.

A woman appeared. Once upon a time she’d possessed beautiful blond hair, but now it had grown steely gray. The watcher’s breath caught. She had stopped dying her hair.

She carried a black garbage bag, heavy with clanking bottles, and started toward the Dumpster, her movements graceful as always. Years ago she’d been a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and she’d kept her slender, hourglass figure even into her sixth decade of life. But instead of the mini-skirts she usually favored because she had the most sensational legs of any woman in town no matter what their age, she wore oversized blue jeans and a gray wool sweater with a saggy hem.

The watcher’s tongue moistened parched tips. Wishing. Wishing for so many things. Wishing, but unable to make those dreams come true. You couldn’t turn back the clock, no matter how hard you might try. Redemption was so close and yet so far away.

The garbage bag made a muffled thumping sound when it landed in the Dumpster. The air smelled of juniper and wood smoke. She dusted her hands and turned toward the bar. Her breath came out in frosty puffs. The moonlight caught her face. Her eyes were worn thin, exhausted.

The watcher shifted in the darkness, gut twisting. Don’t go. Stay. Stay so I can see you for just a little while longer. One last time.

She paused and looked out into the darkness, her face a portrait of abject bleakness.
A lump blocked the watcher’s throat.

The woman shook her head, pushed open the door. Roy Orbison was singing “Pretty Paper.” Sad songs. All sad Christmas songs. She stepped inside, the door snapping shut behind her.
A single chilly tear tracked down the watcher’s cheek. Gone. Everything once loved and taken for granted was now forever gone.

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All Out Of Love by Lori Wilde

All Out Of Love by Lori Wilde

Publication date: June 25, 2013

<div style=”font-size:11px”>Publication date: 05/01/2013</div>Cupid Texas #2
Published by Avon Books
Pages: 369

Back of the Book

The newest Cupid, TX romance, from the author of The First Love Cookie Club and the Jubilee, TX novels…

Football star Pierce Hollister has fame, fortune, and beautiful women who’ll do anything for him…whether he asks them to or not. But when it all comes crashing down, Pierce finds himself back home, running the ranch in Cupid, Texas, wondering how it all went wrong.

But one thing is right: Lace Bettingfield. The former plain-Jane has turned into luscious knock-out—trouble is, she won’t even give him the time of day no matter how many passes he makes.

Being in love with your older brother’s best friend is awkward enough, and Pierce was the cause of Lace’s most embarrassing high school moment ever when her secret letter to him declaring her love landed right on the front page of the school newspaper! Pierce is still as stubborn, sexy, and arrogant as ever…but Lace is about to see that things aren’t always as they seem…especially when it comes to love.

Read an Excerpt



Millie Greenwood High School, Cupid, Texas, May 25th 2001

 Dear Cupid,

I am crazy in love with my older brother’s best friend, Pierce Hollister! You should see him in his gym shorts when he’s out on the football field running sprints. OMG, he’s got the most amazing thighs. Of course that’s nothing compared to the way his butt looks in Wranglers. Be still my pounding heart!

And his eyes! Blue as the ocean.


He made direct eye contact with me once. It was a moment I will never, ever forget until my dying day. I’d dropped my books in the crowded hallway and I was fumbling to pick them up, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I see a pair of black cowboy boots and a hand reaching out to help me.


I looked up and it was him!


I got tingly all over and honest to God, I thought I was going to die right there on the spot! This is no ordinary boy. He’s the quarterback of the football team! He dates cheerleaders! His daddy owns the biggest rancher in Jeff Davis County and here he was helping me!


And I’m nobody. I’m pudgy (Mama calls me fluffy) and I wear glasses and I stutter. I’ve had speech therapy, but I still can’t speak without stammering and that is in a relaxed atmosphere. Believe me there was nothing relaxed about this. Every muscle in my body was tuned as tight as the strings on a concert violin and I couldn’t have said a word if my life depended on it.


His eyes met mine and he smiled.


Smiled! At me!


“Here you go,” he said, handing me my biology book (it had to be biology, didn’t it?) and our knuckles brushed. I don’t know how I kept from bursting into flames. “Have a nice day.”


And then he was gone, leaving his heavenly sunshine and leather scent lingering behind, as I stared after him with my mouth gaping open.


Pierce Hollister had smiled and touched my hand and said seven whole words. To me!


I have no chance with him. I know that. He’s a senior. I’m a freshman. He’s handsome as a movie star. Way out of my league. He’s filet mignon and I’m day-old bread. Okay, so I am a direct descendant of Millie Greenwood, but so are practically half the people in this town. It’s not a unique claim to fame.


It’s silly of me to wish and pine, I know. But Cupid, I just can’t stop thinking about him, no matter how much I try. Every night before I go to sleep, I imagine what it would feel like if he were holding me tight against his muscled chest, our hearts beating in perfect time together. Beating as if we were one.


That’s why I’m writing to you, Cupid. I’m miserable with love for him. I want him to love me back so badly that I can barely breathe. Please, Cupid, please let Pierce Hollister fall in love with me. I know I’ll have to wait for him. I am only fourteen after all and he’s got a girlfriend and a football scholarship to the University of Texas next year, but one day? Someday? Please!


–Yours in total despair, Hopelessly Tongue Tied

Lace Bettingfield stood frozen in freshman homeroom, half in the doorway, half out of it with her backpack slung over one shoulder.

Seated in front of her were seventeen students, and every single one of them was reading the current issue of the school newspaper, The Cupid Chronicle.

Ominously, hairs on the nape of her neck stood up.

The fact that everyone was reading—including the stoners and the jocks—was odd enough, but when they all looked up at her with what seemed to be perfectly choreographed smirks, Lace’s stomach took the express elevator to her Skechers.

In a split second, her gaze darted to the student nearest her. It was Toby Mercer, her biology lab partner.

Toby was six-foot-six, and weighed the same as Lace, a hundred and sixty-two pounds; on him the weight was gaunt, on her it was zaftig. He possessed strawberry blond hair and skin so pale it had earned the nickname Casper way back in kindergarten. She’d known him her entire life. His family lived just down the block from hers. She’d comforted him when kids had picked on him. They’d attended each other’s birthday parties. They’d dissected frogs together.

But right now, Toby was looking at her all narrow-eyed and smug, like she was a dilapidated barn and he was a wrecking ball.

She flicked her eyes from Toby’s face to the paper that he held in his hand and there it was.

Dear Cupid.

I am crazy in love with Pierce Hollister!

It was the letter she’d written to Cupid, her private letter that had never been meant for anyone’s eyes but her own, printed on the front page of the school newspaper!

Her letter. Front page. Declaring her love for Pierce.

How? How had this happened?

Unlike the tourists who came to Cupid, wrote letters to the Roman god of love and deposited them in the special letter box in the botanical gardens, (expecting them to be answered by the town’s volunteers and published in the weekly Cupid Chamber of Commerce circular) Lace had never intended for anyone to see this letter.

She’d written it in study hall three days earlier as she gazed out the window, watching the football team practice. She carefully folded the letter and tucked it into her side pocket of her notebook with every intention of burning it in the patio chiminea that weekend when her parents were out of town.

Reality hit her like a fist to the face.

Mary Alice.


Mary Alice Fant, her second cousin, who was also editor of The Cupid Chronicle. Pierce had recently dumped her for the head cheerleader, Desiree Hartford. Two nights ago, Mary Alice and her parents had come over to Lace’s house for dinner and at one point, Lace had caught Mary Alice snooping around in her bedroom.

Oh, God!

Now, everyone knew her about secret crush. Her life was ruined. Nausea splashed hot bile into her throat. Her entire body flushed hot as August in the Chihuahuan desert.

One heartbeat later, and the class erupted into a feeding frenzy.

“Do you imagine she calls out Pierce’s name when she’s touching herself?” sniggered Booth Randal, a smart-assed stoner who spent the bulk of his time in detention.

“P…pa…pa…pa…Pierce,” another boy stuttered in a fake falsetto, “Yo…yo…yo…you…ma…ma…make me so hot.”

Moaning and breathing heavily, the two boys pretended to kiss and fondle each other, while the other students hurled derisive catcalls like stones.

“Poor me,” wailed Tasha Stuart, whose mother worked in the teller cage next to Lace’s at Cupid National Bank. “I’m sooo in love with the most popular boy in school and he doesn’t know I exist.”

“Who knows,” someone else called out. “She might stand a chance. Pierce could be a closet chubby chaser.”

“Na…na…na…not unless she can sta…sta…stop stutt…stutt…stuttering.” Toby stabbed her in the back.

“Yeah, who wants a girl whose tongue is hopelessly tied?”

“One day. Someday.”

“Please, Cupid, please, please, please.”

The words slapped her harder than any physical blow. She knew these people. Was related to some of them. Had thought many of them were her friends, but they’d turned on her like hyenas.

The only one who looked at her with anything other than ridicule, was Pierce’s younger brother Malcolm. He slunk down in his seat, pulled his collar up, sunk his chin to his chest, and kept his eyes trained on his hands folded atop his desk. He was embarrassed for her humiliation.

Blindly, Lace spun on her heels, and almost crashed into the teacher, Mr. Namon.

He put up his palms, “Whoa slow down, what’s going on here Miss Bettingfield?”

Head ducked Lace shoved past him, and fled down the corridor.

But there was no sanctuary here.

The hallways were lined with students, several of them holding copies of The Cupid Chronicle. Some laughed. Some pointed. Some made lewd gestures. Some threw out more catcalls. A goth girl was slyly singing, “Crush,” a song about a stalker.

Everyone was going to think she was a stalker.

“Hey, Tongue Tied, drop thirty pounds and maybe you can land your dream man.”

“Reality check. No guy like Pierce could ever love someone like you.”

“Yes, he touched your hand, but I heard he washed it off in Lysol afterward.”

Lace plastered her hands over her ears, willed herself not to cry, but it was too late, tears were already streaming hotly down her cheeks.

Nightmare. It was a living nightmare.

And just as in a nightmare everything moved in slow motion. It felt as if she was trying to run through knee-deep mud. Her lungs squeezed tight. Her heart was pounding so hard she thought it was going to beat right out of her chest.

Good. If her heart beat out of her chest she would be dead.

It seemed to take hours to traverse that hallway. She kept her head down, didn’t once make eye contact. She was headed for the exit, desperate to find a place to lick her wounds.

The morning sun glinted against the metal bar in the middle of the exit door. Almost there. Salvation was just a few steps away. She rushed forward, her legs breaking through the slow-motion morass.

Her hand hit the bar and she gave a hard shove.

But fate, that vicious bitch, wasn’t done with her yet.

The door smacked into something solid. Someone was coming in at the same time she was trying to get out. Trapped. She was trapped. No exit. Knock ‘em down if you have to. Just get the hell out of here.

She raised her head and found herself staring into Pierce Hollister’s blue eyes.

Her heart literally stopped and a whimper escaped her lips.

For Mary Alice to print her letter in the school paper was a horrible betrayal. The bullying by classmates that she thought she knew was unbearable. Breaking down and crying in front of everyone was humiliating, but nothing that had happened to her that morning was as bad as what was written on Pierce’s handsome face.

 Utter, abject pity.

My Review:

5/5 – Since I don’t have a 4.5 rating I am giving a 5 but feel it should be 4.5

Highly recommend this book.
Lace Bettingfield had a crush on Football star Pierce Hollister back in high school.  She wrote a letter to cupid about it and the letter gets into the school newspaper.      
12 years later Lace is back in town working at the Botanical Gardens in Cupid. 
Pierce is back in town as his father is sick and he broke his leg in a super bowl football game.  He is supposed to be doing PT so he can get back to football.
Pierce is suddenly everywhere Lace is and she is wondering if he is stalking her….
Lace is trying hard to fight her attraction to Pierce because he wants to go back and play football again.  So if she falls for him again she will be left behind and alone as she wants to stay in Cupid.  If he goes back to playing football will she be okay with that?
Pierce is trying to get Lace to believe that he wants her.  She thinks he wants her because she around. 
They are funny and have great chemistry together.  Lace is witty and tends to throw off Pierce with her comebacks. 
Pierce has a bet going with his brother that he will plant the best crap of pumpkins for the town.
Love the flower references instead of sometimes cursing!!!
Also love the Football/Flower words they throw back and forth.
In the end will we find out the below?
What exactly is wrong with Pierce & Malcolm’s father?
Will Pierce win the bit against his brother?

Will Pierce play football again?


A few of my favorite lines from the book:

But fate, that vicious bitch, wasn’t done with her yet.

“You keep a tool for breaking into cars in your toolbox? How very gangster of you.”

Wow. Way to make a guy feel like a balloon in a cactus patch and yet, he couldn’t seem to stop with the innuendo. “I’d love to give you a spark.”

 “Ouch.” Playfully, he rubbed his arm. “You can pull in your claws, kitten.”

“Don’t pussyfoot around, Auntie. I’m a rip-the-Band-Aid-off-quick kind of person.”

“Well, you do have a sense of humor. I’ll grant you that.  Go ahead and give me your number.  If he’s interested, he’ll call.  If he doesn’t call, well, shooger, you have to face the truth. He’s just not that into you.”

A grin split his face and he cupped a hand around the ear closest to her. “Excuse me. I didn’t quite catch that. Did I hear you say that you need me? Why didn’t you say so”? Just let me gallop home and get a condom and I’ll be at your service.”

“With all the provocative terms is it any wonder that football players have such reputations as sex machines?” she observed.

She couldn’t help laughing. “Plant sex.”


Contact Info for Lori Wilde

Twitter – @LoriWilde


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