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[Book Spotlight & Giveaway] Unlike Hero by Kimmie Michaels

Unlikely Hero by Kimmie Michaels
Genre: Erotic Romance, New Adult
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Erin never would have expected to fall in love. Never. Not with her past, and not with her fear. She never dates; she doesn’t even allow herself friendships. She doesn’t trust her judge-of-character skills enough to allow anyone close…until Marcus. With him, a deep connection happens in spite of the walls she’s so carefully constructed around herself. 
Marcus uses his self-confessed rage to fuel every part of his life. He survived the severe abuse of his childhood and learns to harness all the leftover anger into MMA fighting. His rage takes a rest, however, the moment he experiences Erin’s presence. Marcus dares to make the step that leads to love, one with the potential to heal them both. 


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Contact Info for Kimmie Michaels


 About Kimmie Michaels:

I absolutely love to write. Seriously. I smile darn near the entire time. I’m a total word-nerd.

But even more, I love a good love story. I reread the first kiss a few times before I read on…even in my own books. That moment gets me every time no matter how often I revisit that beautiful connection. I dive into every story to the point where I have so many fictional boyfriends that I can’t keep track of them all.

In the world of reality, I have a loving and tolerant husband who smiles and rolls his eyes every time I tell him about my latest fictional love affair. I have two personality-rich pre-teen boys who keep me on my toes. I have a psychotic Golden Retriever (I was told those don’t exist…) and a cat that rules our house. I used to be the queen. Our regal feline has usurped my throne and demoted me to Prime Minister.

I studied English/Journalism at Miami University in Ohio, have a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Dayton and I spent five years teaching even more personality-rich pre-teens. For some sick reason, I actually enjoyed teaching junior high. Now as a stay-at-home mom, I’m clinging to that status by throwing my hat in the author’s ring and hoping I get to keep it there..


Connect with Kimmie Michaels:



For the first time in his life, he had the urge to take a woman in his arms and just hold her for hours. He wanted the warmth of his body to melt five years of ice from hers.

He would take as long as needed to break through the depth of the glacier she had formed around herself. He wouldn’t let her go until she felt soft, warm, and safe in his arms. If she’d let him. He knew exactly what he needed to write that night.

I will never do anything to hurt you or break your trust and I know I’m probably scaring you right now for asking, but you haven’t let anyone in. I think you need that, even if you’re scared of it. I want you trust me. I want to help. You’re safe with me. I’m strong enough to protect you. Will you let me?

~Marcus Walker

Suddenly those notes that brought her close to him seemed like a path to her undoing. She had been so safe and closed away from people for so long, she didn’t even realize she had let him in as far as she had. Sharing herself had been too easy in that book, but now look what she had done! She was open and exposed and he wanted to meet her outside of the safety of her journal.

The thought of meeting him terrified her — but not because he scared her. That wasn’t the problem. She was so scared of being vulnerable again. She had worked so damn hard to keep that from happening. And she was scared because she wanted to meet him. Allowing herself the potential to feel something, even something good, made her want to shrink back into the chasm and stay there.




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[Author Spotlight] Her Love Ran Crimson by Zoey Foster

Author Spotlight

Zoey Foster ~ Her Love Ran Crimson

Teaser & Book Trailer


Maddie has been through more tragedy than most people would ever see in their life. She has given up on living, and only living to breathe. With nobody on her side, she has been marked as the cause of her mother’s death and lives with this guilt every day. She is close to giving up until she sets her eyes on the one person who doesn’t look at her with disgust.
Jase is the new guy in school, he was transferred to a new school after moving out of his father’s house into his mothers. But Jase knows about Maddie and knows about her past. He thinks he can keep this a secret. When the truth comes out will they be able to survive their worlds being turned upside down? Will their connection be strong enough to make it through?





Author Bio

Zoey Foster lives in Southern California with her Husband and 3 Sons. When she is not writing, you can find her on Swoon Worthy Books posting updates on books and Authors, and let’s not forget about the Man-candy and just having a bunch of fun. She is taking her passion for books and making it her reality in writing her debut novel Her Love Ran Crimson. She loves interacting with others talking about great Books and Book Boyfriends. You can find her at the links below always encouraging people to have a fun time and live in the moment. She has a weakness for Sour Patch Kids and has inappropriate fun when she is having her wine at night tweeting her thoughts. She also likes to make up words. The best word to describe her is Winetastic!
Twitter: @AuthorZoeyF
Goodreads Book Link:


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[Book Blitz Tour & Spotlight & Giveaway] Come As You Are by Theresa Weir

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Theresa Weir to my blog

Come As You Are in the title of a Nirvana song. What does the song have to do with the book?

A lot.  I went back and forth about mentioning Nirvana in the blurb for Come As You Are. I decided against it after reading the article going around about the twenty-something girl who’d recently written a letter to Nirvana, asking if they could play at…homecoming, maybe? And so I thought I’d better not mention Nirvana. Maybe younger readers don’t know much about Nirvana. But reviewers are mentioning the band, and that’s good! Yes, there’s definitely a strong Nirvana…center.

The weird thing is that I had no idea In Utero was being reissued this year until the book was almost done. That was just serendipity. Molly, the heroine, even writes a story for one of her University of Minnesota classes about the recording of In Utero.


There are other musical nods in the book, some obscure and some not so obscure. There’s one line in particular that I’ve wondered if people will get, and it’s in reference to Big Star. If you pick up on it let me know.    

How did you happen to write this book?

About seven or eight years ago I asked my then editor what she thought about my writing a book, not about high-school kids (she’d mentioned a YA to me), but about twenty-something college students. Because I could definitely see myself doing that.  She said there was no market for books featuring people in their twenties, and those people didn’t have time to read anyway.

Enter the New Adult genre.

Back when I wrote romance fulltime some readers complained that my writing was too full of angst and the characters were too wounded, so New Adult seemed a logical place for me.

Angst aside, I never went to college so I have a particular fascination with college life.  I suppose a romanticized fascination.  And I love that age.  Plus, I recently wrote a novella called The Girl with the Cat Tattoothat got great reviews and notice.  And in thinking about that book… It almost felt a bit NA even though it didn’t really contain all of the elements and the main characters were a little bit too old — in their early thirties. But Melody could have easily been an NA character. And the follow-up book, The Geek with the Cat Tattoo, features people in their late twenties. So I was kind of dancing on the fringes of NA, but just didn’t know it.

What are you working on now?

I hope to get the second cat book done within a few months, and I have an Anne Frasier suspense called Stay Dead (sequel to Play Dead) coming out in April.  And I’m considering writing another NA, this one featuring Rose, Molly’s best friend from Come As You Are. Oh, and I’m thinking about writing another suspense in my Dead series.  So many ideas; not enough time.

Thank you Theresa for taking the time to answer the questions.


Come As You Are by Theresa Weir
Publication date: September 20th 2013
Genres: New Adult, Romance


New Adult Romance by RITA winner and New York Times author Theresa Weir

Molly Young has a secret. To keep it she holds the world at a distance. Behind her lies a trail of dumped boyfriends who came too close to discovering what no one can know. When her estranged father dies of an unexpected heart attack he leaves an even deeper secret, one tied to Molly’s.

At the funeral repast Molly is unable to tolerate the shoulder-to-shoulder mourners and runs out the door and down the street to the nearest bar. Come dawn, with no memory of the past ten hours, she finds herself in bed with a beautiful stranger. She slips away before he wakes up, unaware of the role he’s about to play in her life. Is he the one guy who can convince Molly to face her painful secret and become the person she’s meant to be?


Buy links:



About the Author:


Theresa Weir (a.k.a. Anne Frasier) is an award-winning NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR of twenty-three books and numerous short stories that have spanned the genres of suspense, mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, paranormal, and memoir. Her titles have been printed in both hardcover and paperback and translated into twenty languages. Her memoir, The Orchard, was a 2011 Oprah Magazine Fall Pick, Number Two on the Indie Next list, a featured B+ review in Entertainment Weekly, and a Librarians’ Best Books of 2011. Going back to 1988, Weir’s debut title was the cult phenomenon AMAZON LILY, initially published by Pocket Books and later reissued by Bantam Books. Writing as Theresa Weir she won a RITA for romantic suspense (COOL SHADE), and a year later the Daphne du Maurier for paranormal romance (BAD KARMA). In her more recent Anne Frasier career, her thriller and suspense titles hit the USA Today list (HUSH, SLEEP TIGHT, PLAY DEAD) and were featured in Mystery Guild, Literary Guild, and Book of the Month Club. HUSH was both a RITA and Daphne du Maurier finalist. Well-known in the mystery community, she served as hardcover judge for the Thriller presented by International Thriller Writers, and was guest of honor at the Diversicon 16 mystery/science fiction conference held in Minneapolis in 2008. Frasier books have received high praise from print publications such as Publishers Weekly, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Crimespree, as well as online praise from Spinetingler, Book Loons, Armchair Interviews, Sarah Weinman’s Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, and Ali Karim’s Shots Magazine. Her books have featured cover quotes from Lisa Gardner, Jane Ann Krentz, Linda Howard, Kay Hooper, and J.A. Konrath. Her short stories and poetry can be found in DISCOUNT NOIR, ONCE UPON A CRIME, and THE LINEUP, POEMS ON CRIME. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and International Thriller Writers. 

  Connect with Theresa: Facebook | Twitter | Website| Goodreads


Chapter 3

A shaft of sunlight cut through dark drapes and fell across my face, drilling into my retina. I groaned and slung an arm across my eyes, trying to make the sun stop it.

The bed dipped, and an arm around my waist tightened. That’s when I became aware of a soft breath against the back of my neck, and a solid body curved against my side, a leg across my leg.

What the hell?

I uncovered my face and unsquinted my eyes. Dark hotel room. Dark except for that sliver of light. And a body in bed next to me. I held my breath, listening, waiting to see if the person moved or made any indication that he knew I was awake. And I say he because there was no mistaking the body part that was pressed against my hip. I guess I was now somebody’s wet dream. But whose?

My thoughts raced backward as I tried to piece together last night. I remembered the funeral. And I remembered all the strangers in our house. My house, not ours. Just me now. And I remembered the lawyer saying I should meet him today. And I remembered running.

A bar.

I ended up at a bar.

I’ve never blacked out in my life, but I had no memory of anything past those first few drinks. Had somebody slipped me something? Or had I just drunk myself into oblivion?

Through this entire rewind, the stranger in bed had kept up a steady, light breathing with an occasional contraction of the arm that held me.

I turned my head and saw a clock. Early. 6:00 a.m.  Slowly, carefully, holding my breath once again, I inched away from the body. His arm tightened, but then he let out a sigh and rolled to his back, releasing me completely.

I slipped from the bed, sliding out from under the white sheet that covered us both until I stood barefoot on the carpet to stare at the man I’d spent the night with. And apparently had sex with, because there were my panties on the floor. I picked them up with curled toes, then slipped them on under my dress as I watched the guy in the bed. Then I found my boots and stuffed my feet inside, not bothering to lace them.

No memory of him. None. Nothing. And really, he was the kind of guy a girl would remember.

Where do I start?

A beautiful boy man. Probably a few years older than me.  Not that muscular. Not like somebody who lifted weights, but he was toned.  More like a swimmer’s body, with that kind of smooth skin that felt like satin. Nipples and an almost invisible line of hair that ran from his navel to the sheet that covered the rest of his body. The hair on his head was dark and curly, tousled over his forehead and ears. He wasn’t tan. Not like somebody who was outside a lot, but he wasn’t really pale either.

Strange that it was so hard to tell much about a person with no clothes. Clothes gave you clues.

 Tossed on a chair was a pair of jeans, a worn leather belt that looked like he’d owned it for years, and a vintage plaid shirt.

Was he a hipster? Part of the local music scene? A student? No, a student wouldn’t have a hotel room. Unless maybe he got the room for us. Yeah, that might be. Maybe he lived with a bunch of guys and he’d wanted some privacy.

Admiration time over, I slipped from the room and took the elevator to the first floor. It wasn’t until I stepped outside that I realized where I was. At a hotel on the West Bank just across the river from the university, a couple of miles from my father’s house.

The shock of waking up in a strange room with a strange guy had momentarily separated me from the misery of my headache, churning stomach, and the general feeling of wanting to die. But now that I was on the street, and now that exhaust fumes combined with the smell of rotten food coming from a Dumpster hit me, my stomach took a dive and my head split in two.

I had no money.

I had no credit card.

I wanted nothing more than to drop down on the curb and bury my face in my hands, but I also wanted to put some distance between me and the guy upstairs. What if he woke up? What if he was already awake? What if he came after me?

Why would he do that?

He wouldn’t come after me. He’d be glad I was gone.

Later, when Molly runs into the mysterious guy again…


“I have your cell phone,” he said.

I stopped mid-flight.

There it was, my iPhone in its pale blue case, looking weird in his hand.  Long fingers. The vintage shirt. Shaggy hair that curled around his ears and over his forehead. He hadn’t shaved. He needed to shave. What color were his eyes? Green? Hard to tell in this light.

I snatched the phone from his hand.

Before I could spin away he said, “Be sure to check the photos. I think you’ll find some interesting ones.” He smiled. The kind of smile I’ve used when someone I hate steps in a pile of shit.

“Fuck you.”

“You’ve already done that.”

* * *

In the bar I took a seat in a dark corner, ordered a beer, and pulled out my phone. I checked my texts first. There were all of the ones from Rose. A string of them asking where I was, telling me she was worried, getting more upset with each one.  A few missed calls, one from the lawyer to remind me of today’s appointment, a couple random ones from people at school who didn’t know what had happened, asking about some group project that was due in a few days. Why wasn’t I there? You need to hold up your end.  That was from some girl named Alice who’d named herself project leader. 

Check out the photos, Ian had said.

The beer came. I thanked the girl and ordered another.  I downed the first one, then hit the photo app on my phone.  And there we were.  By we I mean Ian and me.  I’d been worried, thinking they would be nude photos of me, or penis photos of him, or nudes of us both together. But in a weird way these disturbed me just as much or more. There were probably twenty photos in all, most taken in some booth at a bar. Both of us smiling at the camera. Me, feeding him fries. Me, drinking drinks.  A lot of photos of drinks. Me, kissing Ian on the cheek. Ian not seeming to mind. Me. hanging on Ian, wrapping myself around him. The last one? I’d apparently jumped on his back and he was holding me by my legs.

And a fun time was had by all…

I wish I could remember. I especially wish I could remember the sex.



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[Book Blitz Tour & Giveaway] Choosing You by Allie Everhart

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Allie Everhart to my blog

Why did you write Choosing You?

About a year ago I started reading some New Adult books and I liked them so much I couldn’t stop! At the time I wasn’t even considering writing my own New Adult book because I was still writing my Young Adult series, The Samantha Project, (written under a different name). That series has some romance in it and I found that I really liked writing those scenes. I liked all the emotion that came through when the main character was dealing with her conflicted feelings over the two guys in the book. So when I finished that series, just for fun, I wrote an emotion-packed scene in which a girl in college is struggling to deal with issues in her relationship with a guy as well as issues from her past. After writing that scene, I instantly connected with Jade, the main character. The story took off from there and that scene ended up being the opening scene in Choosing You.

What else can you tell us about Choosing You that’s not in the description/blurb?

Jade and Garret take time to get to know each other in this book. There’s no insta-love. In a lot of the books I read, the guy and girl meet and are in love the next day. I didn’t want that for these characters. I wanted the relationship to build over time. Jade and Garret are definitely attracted to each other from the very beginning but they’re not in love right away. They’re friends first and Jade has to learn to trust Garret before she’ll move the relationship forward. This is more like real life, but it also creates tension and anticipation for the reader which is good because it keeps the story moving forward.

Another thing to mention is that I really wanted this book/series to have a strong female as the main character. Jade is tough and resilient. She lived through a difficult childhood and came out ahead. But sometimes her tough exterior is used to hide the emotions that she needs to deal with, and that’s where Garret comes in. He’s the only person who’s able to get her to deal with things and express the emotions she tries so hard to hide.

Why did you decide to include a mystery in the book? Why not just straight romance?

I wanted to make the story run deeper than just the romance. My YA series has lots of twists and turns, suspense, conspiracies, secrets, etc. I like all that stuff. I find it fun to read about. The Jade Series doesn’t have all of that, but it has some of it.There’s a mystery that runs through the whole series that involves both Jade and Garret. And as with my other series, there are some unexpected twists and suspenseful moments.

Thank you Allie for taking the time to answer the questions.

Choosing You by Allie Everhart
(The Jade Series #1)
Publication date: September 23rd, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


When Jade is given a scholarship to an elite private college in Connecticut, she sees it as a chance to finally escape her painful past and get a fresh start. She’s determined to succeed and that means keeping her focus on school and not guys. But her plan falls apart her first day on campus when Garret, a rich prep school boy with swimmer abs and a perfect smile, offers to help her move in.

Jade tries to push him away, but she can’t deny her attraction to him and Garret won’t let her. Things quickly heat up between them, but then come to a sudden halt when reality hits and Jade realizes that a relationship with Garret may never be possible. He comes from a world of wealth where there are rules, including rules about who he can date. And not following those rules has consequences.

As the two of them try to overcome the obstacles working to keep them apart, Jade is confronted with another challenge. On her 19th birthday, she receives a letter that her now deceased mother wrote years ago. In it are revelations that explain her traumatic childhood but also make her question the past she’s been running from.


Order link:



About the Author:


Allie Everhart writes about dating, love, and romance. She’s also a freelance writer for magazines and websites. Before freelancing, she was a book editor for a publishing company where she worked on several NYT bestselling nonfiction books. She loves to read as much as she loves to write. And when she’s not reading or writing, she’s outside running, which is when she gets her best book ideas. 

  Connect with Allie  Twitter | Goodreads


He puts his phone away. “Can I come in? I’m kind of a target out here in the hall.”

“A target for what?” I ask, moving aside to let him in.

“Girls fondling me.” A smirk crosses his face as he waits for my reaction.

“Please tell me you’re kidding. Because if you’re not, then I need to start upping the insults again to bring you back down to earth.”

He’s trying hard to keep a straight face. “You saw Ava just now. Girls just can’t help themselves. What can I say?”

I shake my head and start rummaging through my drawer for a shirt. “Ican help myself. I’m completely immune to whatever you think you’ve got going on over there.” 

“Yeah, I know,” he mumbles. “You need some help?”

“Why? You think I can’t dress myself?”

He stands next to me, staring down at the open drawer. “Everything in here is black.”

“Yeah.” I close the drawer and open the one beneath it. “And everything in here is white.”

“Where are your other shirts?”

“That’s it. Well, I have a few in the closet.”

He walks over to look. “You only wear black or white?”

“Uh, yeah. Are you just getting that? You’ve seen me how many times and you’ve never noticed that?”

“Huh. I guess not.”

“It’s just easier that way. Black and white go with everything.” I take a black t-shirt from the drawer.

“You should wear purple sometime.”

I almost choke laughing. “Purple? Are you joking?”

“What’s wrong with purple?”

“I’ve never worn anything purple in my life. I’ve never even considered it. It’s one of those weird colors that old ladies wear.”

“Lots of people wear purple. And with your green eyes, you would look great in purple.”

“I hate my green eyes. The last thing I want to do is draw attention to them.”

He comes closer and lifts my chin up with his hand. “How could you hate your eyes? They’re the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. Why do you think I’m always staring at them?”

“Yeah, that’s hilarious.” I push him back. “Now get out of here so I can change. Wait in the hall. I’ll be like two seconds.”

“Jade, you know I’m not safe out there.” He says it as if he’s really in danger. “Did you see all those girls running around in towels and robes?”

I roll my eyes. “I swear. The insults are coming, my friend. So tell your ego to get ready.”

He stands there.

“You’re really not leaving? Fine. Then turn around.”

I change into my jeans and black shirt. “Okay, I’m done.” 

He inspects me. “Yeah. You definitely need some color. The black and white thing is getting old.”

“Well, I’m not planning on buying new clothes so you’ll have to get over it.” I search through my desk drawer for money. “How much are movie tickets? I haven’t been to a movie in years, so I have no clue. Six bucks? Seven?”

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s go.”

“Garret, you’re not paying.”

“You just saved me from being man-handled by Ava. That’s at least worth the price of a movie ticket. Maybe even some popcorn, too.”
            It’s a good thing that I’m sober otherwise I’d go back there and punch him.

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[Book Blitz Tour & Spotlight & Giveaway] Because Of Lucy by Lisa Swallow

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Lisa Swallow to my blog

Where did you grow up?

I was born in the UK and I grew up in Europe, travelling around with my military family. Most of the time I lived in the UK and Germany.

Where do you live now?

Perth, Western Australia

If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?


How long have you been writing?

Since I was 8 years old when I had a poem published in the local newspaper. Last year, I decided it was time I tried to find a publisher!

Where did you get the inspiration for “Because of Lucy”?

I love the new adult genre – being able to write about the time of self-discovery that comes  from moving away from family influences and into adulthood. I wanted to show the struggle that people often have at this age when trying to forge an identity outside of the one that they may have unwillingly been molded into.

I love hidden secrets in books, but only ones which keep the reader guessing. When I was half way through the first draft, I tested the story on a friend. If she’d guessed who Lucy was before she was revealed, I would have scrapped the book!

Do you have any pets?

A Weimaraner named Tilly who is not the brightest of dogs. She does a great impression of a Weeping Angel (geek reference!). We also have a cat called Twinkle but, as all cat owners know, we’re her pets.

Something about you not many people would know?

Until I moved to Australia, I had never lived in one house longer than two years or one city longer than three. Eight years later, I don’t want to move again!

Who would you cast as actors if a movie was made of your book?

I always find this question tricky because every reader has their own pictures in their heads of who the characters look like. When I started writing Because of Lucy I was watching Supernatural a lot and Evan looked a little like a younger Jared Padalecki in my mind. But not as tall! Ness is more difficult – maybe I don’t pay enough attention to female actresses lol.

If you were a cartoon character who would you be and why?

Lisa Simpson. Because I was a little like her when I was younger (and we share a first name and initials!)

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl.

What is your next project?

I’m currently finishing the third book in my paranormal romance series, Soul Ties. I have also started writing a second book featuring Ness and Evan. Because of Lucy was going to be a standalone as it has no cliffhanger and a happy ending, but readers have asked to follow more of Ness and Evan’s story. And I’m happy to do that because…more time with Evan!  

Thank you Lisa for taking the time to answer the questions.



Because Of Lucy

By Lisa Swallow
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: August 28, 2013
Cover Design: Eden Crane Designs


“In life, there are some people you have to lose in order to find yourself.”

Ness’s parents are shocked when she turns down her place at Leeds University and takes on a full-time job in a call center. Determined to begin her adult life the way she wants, Ness moves to Leeds to live with her best friend Abby.

One night she meets Evan, who is everything she hates about guys. He may be hot but he’s also drunken, arrogant, and on top of that, he apparently has sex with girls and forgets about it. But Evan isn’t what he seems and Ness soon discovers they have more in common than she thought.

Evan is struggling to escape from his past too, and when Lucy appears she threatens his new relationship with Ness. Unsure if she can deal with the effect Lucy has on Evan, Ness makes a decision about her future which pulls them apart.

When their new lives don’t go as planned, Ness and Evan are both faced with difficult choices. All because of Lucy. 

*Recommended 17+ due to strong language and sexual content*

Pre-order links:




About the Author:

Lisa was born in the UK and she moved around Europe with her military family before completing a BA (Hons) in English at the University of Leeds. Her home is now in Perth, Australia with her husband and three children.

In between running her home based craft supplies business, looking after her family, and writing, Lisa sometimes finds spare time to do other things. This often involves swapping her book worlds for gaming worlds. She even leaves the house occasionally, enjoying walks with her dog and time with her family. She loves all things from the Whedonverse and preferred vampires before they sparkled. 

  Connect with Lisa: Facebook | Twitter | Website| Goodreads


I side step the sink and turn. A guy leans against the doorframe, trying to appear nonchalant but his slackened stance indicates he’s attempting to keep himself upright. His brown hair is longer at the front and spills into his face, and unfocused brown eyes appear to be looking in my direction. He’s one of the regulars. I don’t pay a lot of attention, but he’s a good-looking guy and they never go unnoticed.

“Yes?” I snap. I’m so not in the mood.

His eyes sweep my figure. Unbelievable…I straighten my sleeves and look at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Are you Abby’s housemate?”

“Who are you?”

“Evan.” He rubs his nose. “You’re not a student?”

“Correct, I am the one not lying in a drunken haze on the floor contemplating my navel.”

Evan takes a step forward, steadying himself with one hand as my witty repartee sails over his head. “Why?”

“Why am I not on the floor pissed?”

“Why aren’t you a student?”

“Because I work instead.”

“Hmm.” He pauses and grasps onto the sink, searching for a glass. I pass him the spare one. “Did you fail?”

 “Fail what?”

Evan fills the glass. “Or are you just not smart enough for uni? What is it you do?” He gulps the water in three mouthfuls then wipes his mouth with his hand.

Arrogant wanker.

“That’s right, I’m not smart enough. I’m living with Abby until I can find a nice man to marry then I can have 2.4 kids and a house in the suburbs. Because, as I’m not a student, I have no future.”

Evan leans against the sink. “Fair enough.”

Oh my god he believes me. How pissed is he exactly? “So, you think anyone who doesn’t go to university is inferior to you?” I demand.

I’ve seen her friends looking down their noses at me. Inverted snobbery. On top of that, the locals hate students and the students hate locals. I’m neither. I can’t win.

We’re close now and he stinks of alcohol and pot, a faint hint of deodorant lingering on his clothes. Evan’s T-shirt has come untucked and rides up as he leans against the sink. He’s toned, evidently works out. I can’t help myself, I check him out. Beneath his curls he has deep brown eyes. Incoherent eyes. I hate to admit, but something about him is seriously sexy.

Even if he is a dick.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me,” I say.

He sniggers.

“What’s funny?”

“You sound like the Queen.”

Not this again. I get enough crap at work. I move from Cheltenham to Yorkshire and suddenly I’m ‘stuck up home counties girl’.

I don’t dignify his comment with an answer and turn away from him, and walk out of the kitchen.

“Want me to get the guy out of your bed?” he calls after me.

I stop and look round. “You know him?”

“I could replace him.”

My mouth drops open at his arrogance. An attempt at a flirtatious smile plays around his lips but the unfocused eyes kill the effect he’s trying to achieve. He’s serious. I imagine he has a ready supply of eager girls. No surprise with a body and looks like his, such a shame he needs a personality transplant.

I step towards him. “Evan. I am not pissed. Nor are you getting into my bed. Good night.”

Feeling happy with my retort, I saunter towards the stairs. Behind me, Evan impersonates my sentence with an exaggerated posh accent.

            It’s a good thing that I’m sober otherwise I’d go back there and punch him.


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[Blog Tour & Spotlight] ILLICIT AFFAIRS by Jo Matthews, Bec Rose, N.J. Cole

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome NJ Cole & Jo Matthews to my blog

For all of my readers who may not be familiar with your work, could you tell us a bit about yourself:

NJ Cole: I have three published books. My first was Midnight Caller which is a paranormal BDSM story. The second was Landslide. This is a love story of submission between a young woman and a powerful older man. Finally I have a short story in Illicit Affairs called Second Chances.

Jo Matthews:  I’ve been editing online stories for a few years, but recently expanded into the world of publishing by editing Midnight Caller and Landslide by NJ Cole, and Embrace Me by Rebecca Turley. I’ve also worked on a few others that have yet to be released.
Working so closely with the authors, they gave me the confidence I needed to try my own hand at writing, and Unexpected Journey is the result.
I’ve also dabbled a bit in cover design, and find that it’s an aspect I really enjoy. Illicit Affairs is one of my designs.

Please summarize this book for the readers here and advise if it is a series book or a stand alone one….

NJ Cole: Second Chances is a stand alone short story.

Calla Moretti married her college sweetheart, Bill. Married life was great at first, but as his career had her dropping out of college and moving away from her family and friends, Calla struggled with her role as a wife and homemaker. Stress due to infertility and Bill’s affairs, had the marriage on the brink of failure. When she drives home in the middle of a thunderstorm and spots first a broken down motorcycle, then the sexy rider, she decides to take a chance and offer him assistance. Realizing fate brought her together with a man who could give her the one thing her husband couldn’t—a baby—Calla decides to take a chance. One romantic night, one big lie, will it save her marriage or fill her heart with more emptiness? Will this be the answer to her prayers? In life, are there truly second chances?

Jo Matthews:  Illicit Affairs is a compilation of three erotic tales with women giving into their darkest desires and pursuing the forbidden.

In Unexpected Journey, Sarah thought she met her soulmate in Mitch Chandler. High school sweethearts, they married right after graduation. Eight years later, he is a stranger to her and their marriage is on the rocks. In a halfhearted attempt to placate her, Mitch suggests a trip to Hawaii, but schedules a business meeting to write off the expense.
Aaron Johnson, Mitch’s friend and business partner, agrees to help with the presentation and plans are made for all three to go. What happens when Mitch backs out at the last minute to spend a romantic weekend with his secretary, forcing Aaron’s hand so that he has to accompany Sarah alone?

How much research do you have to do when writing a story?

NJ Cole: It really depends on the story. For Second Chances I did a bit about places in central New Jersey. For other stories, I’ve done quite a bit more research.
Jo Matthews: I didn’t have to do too much research for this story, but I did make sure that things were accurate. I looked up places in Hawaii that were known for snorkeling, I looked up flights/flight times to see how long it would take them to travel and where they would stop. The rest was prior knowledge of locations and information.

Do you have a favorite book of the ones you have written that you like the most?

NJ Cole: Midnight Caller holds a special place in my heart.
Jo Matthews: Well, since Unexpected Journey is my first book/novella that I’ve written, I’d have to say this one. 🙂

What are you currently working on?

NJ Cole: I’m writing the sequel to Midnight Caller, Midnight Eternal.
Jo Matthews: My plate is a little full right now. I’m currently working on editing Roadside Service by B.L. Wilde (due to be released September 27, 2013). I’m also editing bits of Midnight Eternal by NJ Cole as she writes it, and working with B.L. Wilde on her upcoming book Desire: Part 1 of The Seductors Series.

Do you have a street team or fan club your readers can join?  If so how can they join?

NJ Cole: I have a room where my readers like to hang out.

Anyone over 18 is welcome.
Jo Matthews: I have an Author Page on Facebook that people can join if they’d like to follow me. All they need to do is like the page:

Do you have a favorite Author(s) that you like to read?

NJ Cole: I’d give anyone a chance 🙂
Jo Matthews: I love reading books by NJ Cole and B.L. Wilde. They are both incredible authors who have continuously inspired me to do more, including writing a story of my own. I will never be able to thank them enough for that!

What are 5 things that you’d like our readers to know about you and your writing that they might not know?

NJ Cole:
1. I truly feel like my characters talk to me.
2. I write their stories as they tell it.
3. I like to write with other people in the doc.
4. I can’t think of any more 🙂
Jo Matthews: 
1. NJ, Bec, and I have written this book together, but we’ve never actually met in person.
2. I believe in helping other indie authors out in any way I can. I’m an administrator with The Hive Book Reviews and love to put together promo posts for new and established authors.
3. I’m a stay-at-home mom, drive a minivan, and am on the PTO for my son’s school.
4. While my husband supports my writing and editing, he refuses to read any of my work, calling it “Mommy Porn.”
5. When I’m not sure of a grammar or punctuation rule, I actually take the time to look it up. Grammar Girl is one of my favorite websites. 🙂

Thank you both for taking the time to answer my questions.



3-Story Bundle (Play with Me, Snowfall, After Midnight)
Jo Matthews, Bec Rose, N.J. Cole
Genre Erotica
Expected Release Date September 13, 2013
Being released through Malfunction Erotica

Illicit Affairs

Illicit Affairs is a compilation of three erotic tales with women giving into their darkest desires and pursuing the forbidden.

Unexpected Journey by Jo Matthews

Sarah thought she met her soul mate in Mitch Chandler. High school sweethearts, they married right after graduation. Eight years later, he is a stranger to her and their marriage is on the rocks. In a halfhearted attempt to placate her, Mitch suggests a trip to Hawaii, but schedules a business meeting to write off the expense.

Aaron Johnson, Mitch’s friend and business partner, agrees to help with the presentation and plans are made for all three to go. What happens when Mitch backs out at the last minute to spend a romantic weekend with his secretary, forcing Aaron’s hand so that he has to accompany Sarah alone?

Will an innocent friendship turn into something more as Aaron’s attraction for Sarah grows? How will Sarah manage when she realizes that Aaron is awakening feelings in her that she’s never felt before? The sexual tension burns hot as these two embark on an unexpected journey that neither are prepared for.


The flight to San Diego was quick, though the one to Hawaii was considerably longer. Somewhere over the Pacific, Sarah fell asleep; the day had obviously taken a toll on her emotions and exhausted her. I wasn’t really tired myself, so I grabbed a magazine from the caddy in front of me and started flipping through it. Not ten minutes later, she shifted in her sleep and leaned over, her head resting on my shoulder.
I froze in place, unsure of what to do. Part of me was screaming to wake her up or at least move her, while the other part of me—the part that tended to take over in any man when there was a sexy goddess nearby—wanted me to savor the moment. I must have warred with myself for three minutes straight until I decided it didn’t matter. There was no harm in letting Sarah sleep on my shoulder on a plane to Hawaii. No harm at all, considering her husband was the one who put us on the flight together.
Unable to resist any longer, I turned my head into her hair and breathed in her intoxicating scent. She smelled like wildflowers and sunshine, and I couldn’t help but inhale more deeply as I closed my eyes.

About the Author:

Jo Matthews is an Arizona native, where she lives with her husband and son. A stay-at-home mom since 2007, she only recently discovered her love and passion for the written word. When she’s not writing, she’s usually knee deep in editing—an aspect she thoroughly enjoys.

As an editor she has propelled quite a few authors into the published world, and with her skills, has landed several stories on Amazon’s Top Sellers lists. 

Connect with Jo Matthews: Facebook | Twitter | Blog| Goodreads

Hot Summer Nights by Bec Rose

Annie Murphy had the picture perfect life. A beautiful home, a wonderful son, and a husband who adored her. It was every woman’s dream until her husband of over twenty years came out of the closet, leaving her a forty-five year old divorcee struggling to regain her confidence. Needing a distraction, she agrees to allow her son’s friend, Jamie, to spend the summer at her house while working as an intern. When Jamie, the cute female intern she’d been expecting turns out to be Jaime, the hot male intern with abs to drool over, it kicks Annie’s fantasies into overdrive. When she realizes that her desires are not one sided, it’s more than the temperature that causes some hot summer nights.

It seemed like forever before he finally made his way back downstairs, and I heard him rummaging through the fridge for something before he walked into the den carrying some homemade chocolate mousse. I moved to the main sofa, sitting down next to him so we were both within reach of the dessert. “I hope you don’t mind, but I made this before dinner. I have a bit of a sweet tooth.” He grinned at me as he took a bite. I smiled back and dipped my spoon in, groaning at the amazing taste that exploded in my mouth when I took my first bite.

“Oh, god, Jaime, you’re going to make me fat if you cook like this all the time,” I laughed. When I heard no reply, I looked next to me, seeing Jaime staring at my lips with-if I wasn’t completely misinterpreting it-a look of lust in his eyes.“Oh, um, I’m sorry?” He seemed confused.

“I just said that you’re going to make me fat if you keep cooking like this.”.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Annie. You have an amazing figure if you don’t mind me saying.” I was surprised by his comment. It had been a long time since anyone had complimented me like that. “Oh, well, um…thank you Jaime,” I replied, embarrassed.

We finished off the dessert, both of us silently deciding to stay on the couch next to each other by settling back as Jaime changed the channel to watch an old movie. It was nice to sit with someone and not feel the need to fill the air with unnecessary conversation. Jaime was easy to just be with, and I was once again glad it had turned out to be a male houseguest instead of a female.

About the Author:

Bec Rose is a budding author and mother of two. When she isn’t reading or writing, she enjoys spending time with her son and daughter. Residing in Australia, she possesses a subtle charm that carries through into her writing. In her debut novella, Bec Rose not only tugs on our heartstrings but leaves us panting for more.

Second Chances by NJ Cole

Calla Moretti married her college sweetheart, Bill. Married life was great at first, but as his career had her dropping out of college and moving away from her family and friends, Calla struggled with her role as a wife and homemaker. Stress due to infertility and Bill’s affairs, had the marriage on the brink of failure. When she drives home in the middle of a thunderstorm and spots first a broken down motorcycle, then the sexy rider, she decides to take a chance and offer him assistance. Realizing fate brought her together with a man who could give her the one thing her husband couldn’t—a baby—Calla decides to take a chance. One romantic night, one big lie, will it save her marriage or fill her heart with more emptiness? Will this be the answer to her prayers? In life, are there truly second chances?


Staring into my eyes, he lowered his head. I could have moved, spoken, coughed…anything, but instead I lifted my chin and allowed him to kiss me.

At first it was chaste, it really was, but when I didn’t pull away, he didn’t either. I felt his tongue poke from between his velvet lips and lick over my lower one. I gasped, and he used that opportunity to find his way into my mouth. As my body began to shake, I groaned. I had to stop this. If I didn’t, I’d end up having sex with him—a total stranger. I knew that because I was ovulating, if I did sleep with him, there was a good chance that I’d become pregnant.

I’d become pregnant.

I had stiffened up at my epiphany, causing him to pull back. “Oh, shit. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”
My mind was racing with the possibility of becoming pregnant tonight. I could go home to Bill in the morning and he and I could have sex. He’d think the baby was his, and maybe it would be, I reasoned with myself. He’d never know and our marriage would be fixed.
About the Author:


NJ Cole is a mid-western girl with a kinky side. She works by day and writes by night, all while being a mother to her wonderful boys and serving her Sir. Unlike many of today’s authors, she chooses to write in first person, allowing the readers to experience life through the eyes of the unique characters that live in her head. Her love of those characters and respect for their stories come through loud and clear in her writing. Reaching Amazon’s top 100 list in Erotica with Midnight Caller and Landslide, NJ Cole promises to entertain and excite the reader with her newest tales of love, romance, and as always, hot, steamy sex.
 Connect with N.J. Cole: Facebook | Twitter | Blog| Goodreads



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