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[REVIEW] Good Girl by Susan Wright


Good Girl    

by Susan Wright


Back of the book

Kalico Jones has just moved to New York City and is desperate to keep her PR job. But during an important meeting, Hunter Munro, the hot sculptor hired by her company, whispers, “Good girl!” to Kali when she picks up his pen. His mixture of charm and dominance sets off a firestorm of emotions inside of her, as she feels both outraged and aroused.

Hunter is a player in the city’s fetish scene so he’s used to women throwing themselves at him, but he prefers the pursuit—and Kali gives him a run he can’t resist! Kali keeps on surprising him as he teases her under the nose of their over-bearing boss. But he takes his game too far when Kali runs into trouble on the subway with a gang of bullies.
Hunter rushes to help her, and he ends up falling in far deeper than he expected as they explore the hidden romance in dominance and submission. But Kali doesn’t know the secret he’s been hiding…

Kali needs to find out—is it just the chase he loves, or can Hunter really love her? After all, how can a vanilla girl like her satisfy his darkest desires?

*This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance with adult themes, language, and sexual content.*



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My Review: 

4.5 Star Review – Good Girl

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this book by Susan.  This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, and kinky sexual scenes.

Kalico Jones is working for a PR firm in New York.  She is working hard to keep her job and support herself while not depending on a man.

Hunter is a artist who is bidding on a job at her PR firm.  He is sexy and funny. 

During a meeting at work she meets Hunter who whispers something to her and she is angry and turned on at the same time.  After the meeting she must go to his studio with her boss.  If her boss finds out she is attracted to Hunter her boss could make her life difficult.  When he whispers to her again she is really pissed off.  Hunter apologies to her about the two slip ups and asks her out. 

Hunter introduces Kali to the world of kink.  She is embarrassed by the scenes that are played out in front of everyone and the half naked people walking around.  She likes Hunter but will he give up the kink for her?  Does she want him to as she likes the things they do in private just not in front of the other people. 

Hunter has had other woman under his control and some at the same time but will he just be with her or want to still be with the others? 

When Hunter gives her a collar what does it mean?  The beginning of the end of their relationship or did they ever have one to begin with?  She does not understand all the rules of kink and is frustrated by not knowing anything.  She is jealous of the others that came before her and he is still friends with.       

Is Hunter worth fighting for or not?  Is she ready to try all the different kinds of kink she knows he likes in order to keep him? 

Will Hunter be satisfied with just Kali and no others?  What exactly does he want from Kali a kink partner or a life partner that also likes a little kink?

All in all a good read.  You could feel the frustration and the passion between Hunter and Kali the entire story.  Susan also brings the heartbreak and pain of the story out in the open for the reader and makes you understand about the characters even more.  The more you learn about their past the more you understand what makes them the people (or characters) they are now.  Look forward to Susan’s next romance book.

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About Susan:

 Susan Wright has written New Adult Contemporary Romance novels, as well as Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Star Trek books. The USA Today Bestselling author began her writing career in 1993, and has published more than 30 novels and nonfiction books on art and popular culture with publishers such as Pocket Books, Penguin Group, St. Martin’s Press, and Kensington.

Susan is the Founder and Spokesperson for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, a national organization committed to protecting freedom of sexual expression among consenting adults.

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