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[Blog Tour & Review & Giveaway] Soulless by T. Baggins

Soulless by T. Baggins
Genre – M/M Romance, Historical, Paranormal
Publication Date – 28th July 2013
Event Organizer – Sinfully Sexy on Tour
A Man of Science

Nicholas Robinson is a chemist decades ahead of his time. Crippled by a riding accident and embittered by his injuries, he shuns the world, focusing on his laboratory and experiments. But when the sale of his country estate, Grantley, leads to an encounter with a vampire, Nicholas realizes there is more in heaven and earth than he ever dreamed possible.
A Creature of Darkness

Although three hundred years old, Bancroft Ulwin is young by supernatural standards. Enslaved by his cruel, deformed maker, Ban is forbidden from relations with mortal men unless it ends in death. But his liaison with Nicholas, expressly against his master’s wishes, soon expands beyond mere lust to something more.

A Love Predestined     
Long ago while still mortal, Ban met Serafino, the only true love of his life. When death separated them, Ban accepted his role as an enemy of human kind. But as he comes to suspect Nicholas is Serafino reincarnated, Ban begins to question everything he once believed. Including his own damnation.

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My Review: 

4.5 Star Review – Soulless

I recommend this book.

I enjoyed this book. This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, murder, grief and betrayal.

All M/M readers especially those who adores the vampire folklore.

This is a historical story.


Nicholas Robinson was crippled by a riding accident and very bitter from his injuries. He stays in his home and drinks the day away. The only time he is sober is when he is teaching one of the maid’s named Martha science. He has taken her under his wing and is teaching her science.

A man from another town has come to see Nicholas’s estate. He is hoping to but the estate. But when the man shows up after spending time with the man Bancroft Ulwin he realizes that the man is a vampire. After he threatens the vampire with fire Ban leaves the house.

The next night Nicholas catches Ban accosting the maid “Martha” and Nicholas offers the land and himself in trade for Martha’s life. Ban accepts Nicholas as the trade. The only issue is Ban’s master Sebastian, a cruel and deformed maker, has forbidden Ban from having relations with a mortal man unless it ends in death.

Ban is caught after only being with Nicholas a few times. For lying to his master he is beaten and tortured for hours. Once he returns to Nicholas he takes out his anger with Sebastian on Nicholas and almost kills him.

After awaiting many days for Nicholas to recover from his injuries he learns that Nicholas is his long ago lover Sefafino reincarnated. Can Nicholas and Ban take down Sebastian before anyone else dies? Can Ban and Nicholas be together or will the war that is coming upon them destroy them both forever.

The chemistry between these two is hot!  Ban is a handsome vampire who carries around a very passionate side.  Very Sexy.  Nicholas is a moody, brooding, crippled human man.  They actually come together very well.  Very good read.   





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 About T. Baggins:

Orphaned at birth, T. Baggins was raised by wolves until age fourteen, when the pack moved on one night without a forwarding address. Returning to human society, Ms. Baggins taught herself to read and write by studying fan fiction. Cutting her teeth on Kirk/Spock (Star Trek: The Original Series, baby!) she soon began slashing rock stars and X-Men. Despite a lifetime spent in the southern U.S., T. Baggins considers herself a citizen of the cosmos and a freethinker, which is good, because no one has offered so much as a penny for her thoughts. In her spare time she enjoys blogging at Shades of Gay, emptying gin bottles and tweeting into the void as @therealtbaggins.

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Read an Excerpt

Ban’s laugh sounded incredulous. “Do you imagine you know what pain is?”

“Yes. And far better than you, I’ll warrant.” Nicholas couldn’t bite back the truth. “Whatever agony the fire dealt you, it was brief and swiftly healed. Only a memory.”

“Yet the pain of memory can be as devastating as the genuine article.” Ban held up an arm for Nicholas’s inspection. “Do you see that circular mark just below my wrist?”

Nicholas nodded.

“Notice how it goes all the way round? It’s a scar I acquired after death.” Releasing Nicholas, Ban pushed up his left sleeve. Below the wrist was the same perfect, circular scar. “And look, here is its mate.”

“From whence do they come?” Nicholas asked, leaning heavily on his cane to stay upright. 

Ban didn’t answer. Instead, he watched Nicholas struggle to stand with only the cane as support. Just as Nicholas, no longer able to bear the pain, overbalanced, Ban caught and effortlessly righted him again.

“My master often punishes me by taking my hands. If kept cold, they will not decay, and my body will accept their restoration.” Ban put his face close again, close enough for Nicholas to feel the vampire’s breath. It smelled foreign yet sweet, like an exotic herb he couldn’t quite name.

“Sometimes he takes them with a wire,” Ban continued. “Sometimes he takes them with a cleaver. But always in precisely the same place. In his youth, slaves were known by their bracelets. These marks are my slave bracelets, you see.”

Nicholas tried not to envision it. As a boy, he’d dreaded translating the death of Cicero from Latin to English. The orator’s hands and head were chopped off, a form of execution Nicholas found particularly disturbing.

“Remember,” Ban said. “If you piss yourself, it will only inflame me.”

Nicholas bit the inside of his cheek until he tasted blood. “I have made my bargain, sir,” he said stiffly. “And I am quite content with our terms.”

“As am I, Nicholas. As am I.”

After that, silence prevailed until they entered Grantley, where Nicholas directed Ban toward the house’s main staircase.

“Surely you find such a task insurmountable,” Ban scoffed.

“I traverse those stairs twice a day, thank you.”

Ban released Nicholas. Stepping back, he sketched a bow so extravagant, his fingertips brushed the rug. “Breathless, I await the spectacle.”

Gripping the rail with his left hand and relying mostly on his cane, Nicholas managed to gain the first, second, and third steps in rapid succession before pain flared in his knee, intense enough to turn his stomach. If he insisted on such a pace, he’d vomit, or worse, faint. Convinced Ban’s stare was burning a spot between his shoulder blades, Nicholas paused for only a few seconds. Then with an involuntary groan he hauled himself up the fourth and fifth steps, lunging toward the sixth before a wave of dizziness overtook him.

“Enough of this. It’s too much for you,” Ban snapped.

Nicholas bristled at his touch. “I tell you, I can do it!”

“Not before the sun comes up.” Ban lifted Nicholas in his arms as easily as a kitten.

 “God damn you, I am a man!” Nicholas blinked back tears of loathing. Perhaps it wasn’t literally true, not anymore, but he didn’t care. He wanted Ban to erupt, toss him down, tear his throat out. Instead, the vampire seemed not to hear, taking the stairs effortlessly, two at a time.

 “Here we are,” Ban announced as they gained the landing, giving Nicholas an insufferable smile. “Now. As you’re bought and paid for, I find myself anxious. Where is your bed?”




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